Assurance, Risk and Integrity Services (ARIS) contributes to QUT's goals by assisting with effective resource and risk management, business process improvement and by providing assurance. These services enhance accountability and governance within QUT.

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The purpose of ARIS is to add value to QUT's operations and assist QUT in achieving its goals. We do this by providing independent analysis, appraisals, recommendations, advice and information about QUT's internal control systems, effectiveness of risk management, and performance quality.

Performance standards

ARIS has a continuous improvement agenda to ensure we maintain our performance standards. This is based on standards and practices developed by relevant professional organisations and peers in the higher education sector.

Our vision

We will strive to achieve cost competitive, good practice assurance and risk management services that meet the needs and expectations of QUT.

Our mission

ARIS will deliver value-added quality services contributing to the continuous improvement of the accountability and performance of QUT.



In delivering our services, we embrace the following set of values identified by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) in their Code of Ethics:

  • integrity
  • objectivity
  • confidentiality
  • competency.

Shared team values

open door policy
share information
no surprises
knowledge transfer.
tolerate each other's differences
work with differences
be supportive
value each other's contributions.
Professionalism and integrity
be diligent, efficient and ethical
be a team and work as a team
be responsible and accountable
be objective and independent.

Audit and Risk Management Committee

The QUT Audit and Risk Management Committee advises the Vice-Chancellor on the performance and discharge of functions and duties, including responsibilities under the Financial Accountability Act 2009.

Audit and Risk Management Committee - MOPP A/3.3

Financial Accountability Act 2009 (PDF file, 585KB)


The QUT Assurance, Risk and Integrity Services Charter establishes the role, scope, authority, and responsibility of the assurance and risk management function at QUT.

QUT Assurance and Risk Management Services Charter - MOPP A/1.5