On 18 August 2019, QUT Gardens Point campus showcased the latest in technology and robotics. From self-driving cars and Robowars battles, to dancing robots, tinker tables as well as a range of talks and panels from QUT researchers and leaders in the field.

Download Robotronica 2019 print program (PDF file, 3.2 MB)

Some highlighted events are listed below.

RangerBot for the Reef

See how robotics technology is being used to help protect the world’s coral reefs.

Catwalk Woman (Jim Whiting)

For the first time in Australia see the elegant mechatronic walking legs installation by celebrated robotic artist Jim Whiting.

Robotic Traffic Cones

From robotic traffic cones to marine survey equipment, Firetail is a robotics start up that have taken their military grade robotics experience to tackle a range of challenges.

Snakebot the surgical manipulator

Be awed by Snakebot – the surgical robot of the future. 

Robots: Past, present and future

This event is sold out. Be sure to check out 70+ other events on during Robotronica.Why do robots even exist and what can they really do for us? A look back on where the idea for robots has come from, what they can do for us today and where they might go in the future.

Tactical Response Robots

Meet the specialised tactical robots that assist state police forces in overt and covert ops!

Robots from CSIRO's Data61

Check out legged robots that can sense the world, navigate it autonomously, and traverse places too dangerous and dirty for human work!

Empathy swarm (Katrin Hochschuh & Adam Donovan)

An experiment in human-robot social interaction, a swarm of 50 robots interact with visitors to demonstrate robotic empathy.

Inferno (Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn)

The unforgettable cyborg experience, part robotic dance party, part wake-up call from the future.

The Hybrid Society (Cake Industries)

With the rise of the social media influencer, and the many who follow them, a self-perpetuating loop has been created existing mainly in a virtual space, accessible primarily through small glass rectangles. Meet the physical embodiment of this loop and the humans that have become hybridised into man-machines. 

ROBOWARS: Rebellion

'ROBOWARS: Rebellion' will see combat robots from around Australia fighting it out to be crowned Australia's Sportsman Challenge Champion. 

Cryptid (Michael Candy)

Cryptid is a 2.4 metre kinematic walking sculpture.