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Robotronica 2019 print program (PDF file, 3.2 MB)

ROBOWARS: Rebellion

This event is sold out. Be sure to check out 70+ other events on during Robotronica.'ROBOWARS: Rebellion' will see combat robots from around Australia fighting it out to be crowned Australia's Sportsman Challenge Champion. 

Inferno (Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn)

The unforgettable cyborg experience, part robotic dance party, part wake-up call from the future.

Meet the cars of the future

Discover how QUT research is impacting future transport!

Repeat (Louis-Philippe Demers & Steph Hutchison)

A dance for the 4th industrial revolution.

The Hospital of the Future

Welcome to the Hospital of the Future! Glimpse into the future of medicine where robots play a very important role - from prosthetics design and virtual reality, to 3D printed body parts. 

Tactical Response Robots

Meet the specialised tactical robots that assist state police forces in overt and covert ops!

Empathy swarm (Katrin Hochschuh & Adam Donovan)

An experiment in human-robot social interaction, a swarm of 50 robots interact with visitors to demonstrate robotic empathy.

Robots from CSIRO's Data61

Check out legged robots that can sense the world, navigate it autonomously, and traverse places too dangerous and dirty for human work!

Catwalk Woman (Jim Whiting)

For the first time in Australia see the elegant mechatronic walking legs installation by celebrated robotic artist Jim Whiting.

Kelpie the Autonomous Ground Vehicle

Kelpie is a self-driving vehicle that can avoid moving objects that come into its path using cameras and sensors!

Skyline Printer Painting Robot

See the Skyline Printer Painting Robot in action. Meet the local inventors from Macrobotix who developed the world’s first giant painting robot. Cheaper, faster and safer than painting buildings from scaffolding, the Skyline Printer is designed to reduce fall risks and save lives.

RangerBot for the Reef

See how robotics technology is being used to help protect the world’s coral reefs.

Temi the telepresence robot

Learn where and how telepresence and social robots are being used in Australia, and see one in action. 

Fraud, identity crime and technology

At some point, everyone has received a spam email outlining a business opportunity, inheritance or lottery win, or received an email asking for personal details.

Brisbane Boys' College Robotics Club

Come and meet the winners of this year’s RoboCup Junior World Championships held in Sydney last month.

Why humans are the problem for the robot future

The robots have a problem – us. 

The Hospital of the Future: Fashion Parade

The Hospital of the Future: Fashion Parade is a collaboration between QUT Fashion students and Metro North Hospital and Health Service.

Motorsport of the Future

Come and chat to the team of QUT (Engineering, Media and Business) students who share a common interest – racing cars!

Founders, fears and the future of robotics

Many recent studies have indicated the 4th industrial revolution will see many jobs disappear and new ones emerge. Are you worried about a robot taking your job? 

The Future of Medicine in a Robotic World

Medicine has been slow to adopt robotic technology but in the recent years we have seen this change.

Creating robots that see

How can robots sense the world in which they operate?

Robots and AI in Retail

Robots and AI are everywhere - at your local supermarket, in your smartphone and inside your car.

Mechatronic Creations: In Conversation with Jim Whiting & Louis-Philippe Demers

Join two internationally acclaimed artists whose mechatronic creations have enthralled audiences across the globe as they discuss their creative explorations and passions. 

Robotic Portrait

Have your portrait drawn by a robot!

Robotic Traffic Cones

From robotic traffic cones to marine survey equipment, Firetail is a robotics start up that have taken their military grade robotics experience to tackle a range of challenges.

I Will Survive: Understanding Cancer with Mathematics and Technology

It’s estimated that 145,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year.

Adventures of an emerging Mechatronics Engineer

Somayeh Hussaini’s journey to becoming a next-generation roboticist is as inspiring as it is unconventional.

Our future with robots

We are entering a new world where algorithms and artificial intelligence are increasingly making decisions on our behalf and it’s changing the way we live, work and think.

Robotic Moves

As robots move into public spaces, homes and businesses, their effectiveness will be determined by their agility to manoeuver across a variety of terrains and how they manage human interactions.

The Rebirth of Australian Manufacturing

Listen to Urban Art Projects discuss the re-birth of Australian manufacturing, changes in the workplace, and what can be achieved when humans work with robotics. 

Robots: Past, present and future

This event is sold out. Be sure to check out 70+ other events on during Robotronica.Why do robots even exist and what can they really do for us? A look back on where the idea for robots has come from, what they can do for us today and where they might go in the future.

The Blind Robot (Louis-Philippe Demers)

Do you feel an intellectual, emotional, or physical connection?  


RoboBlox is composed of a sculptural frieze of breeze blocks, a video that shows the design and the making process, and an interactive game.

Snakebot the surgical manipulator

Be awed by Snakebot – the surgical robot of the future. 

Driverless Vehicles: What’s in store for Queensland?

This event is sold out. Be sure to check out 70+ other events on during Robotronica.The introduction of driverless vehicles on our roads is predicted to substantially reduce road trauma and to provide transport options for those presently unable to drive or take public transport. So, how will this transformation occur?  

Area V5 (Louis-Philippe Demers)

A robotic artwork installation

Freelance Robotics

Talk with an established, local robotics company and see a demonstration of cobot programming and a portrait drawing robot!


Meet Andy, a dynamic robotic head that can emulate human expressions. 

Co(AI)xistence (Justine Emard)

A primitive intelligence interacting with a human. 

Robot Factory

Calling all budding robot builders! 

QUT Esports: Drop-in sessions

Come in and discover both the competitive and community aspects of QUT Esports and try your hand at playing against others!

Sumo-bot Challenge

Learn to drive sumo robots and battle your friends!

QUT Robotics Club Display and Droid Racing

Meet the QUT Robotics Club, see a demo of their Droid Racing Challenge, and check out the display featuring robots created by students. 

Robot dance workshop

Join dancers from Elements Collective as they take you on a crash course to perfect the Robot Dance!

Human patient simulation technologies

Showcasing a human patient simulator that mimicks a "real life patient" and virtual reality software that will immerse you in a typical hospital environment complete with patient interactions.

Robogals Brisbane

Want to learn more about STEM and find out how you can get involved? 

Cryptid (Michael Candy)

Cryptid is a 2.4 metre kinematic walking sculpture.

Sphero: RVR

Take a sneak peek at the all new Sphero RVR; the hackable mobile platform for beginners, educators, students, and tech hobbyists!

Drone Show

Learn about the many ways QUT's Research Engineering Facility is using aerial robots (drones) to transform how data is captured for researchers, and how robotics is being used to shape technology and services of the future.

Laboratory Tours

This event is sold out. Be sure to check out 70+ other events on during Robotronica.Join QUT scientists for a guided laboratory tour at QUT’s Institute for Future Environments' Central Analytical Research Facility.

Reduce, Reuse, and ROBOTICIZE! (Lee Constable)

A hands-on robo-craft activity with a garbological twist!

Little Robots Clubhouse

Take a break from the crowds and chill-out in the Little Robots Clubhouse at QUT's Institute for Future Environments.

STEM Storytime

Hear Professor Michael Milford read some of his STEM-filled storybooks for children.

Robot Rumble

Let's get ready to rumble!

Take a selfie with Pepper robot

Strike a pose and take a selfie with Pepper robot!

The Secret Life of Things (Cake Industries)

What happens to the things around us when we're not looking? What do they get up to?

IFE Photo Lab

Dress up as a scientist and strike a pose at the IFE Photo Lab!


Our recycling robots are slow and inefficient. We need your help to recode them and turn DERP (Department of Environmental Resource Processing) into a recycling plant for the future!

AR Colouring-in

Colour in customised drawing templates and watch as they come to life using augmented reality (AR)! 

The Hybrid Society (Cake Industries)

With the rise of the social media influencer, and the many who follow them, a self-perpetuating loop has been created existing mainly in a virtual space, accessible primarily through small glass rectangles. Meet the physical embodiment of this loop and the humans that have become hybridised into man-machines. 

BreatheOut (Younghui Kim)

Using live data, 'BreatheOut' visualises the air quality of Seoul city in South Korea and Brisbane. 

DIY Robots

Creators can tinker with a range of technologies to add moving parts, sensors, and lights, bringing DIY robots to life.

501st Legion - Redback Garrison

The 501st Legion Redback Garrison returns to Robotronica! Drop in for a photo with our Star Wars characters. 

Robot Story Time

Brisbane City Council Libraries present story time for children and families at the Pop-up Library, with guest author Andrew King.

Sphero Search and Rescue

Design and program a Sphero robot to carry out a search and rescue operation!

Pop-up Library Tinker Table

Visit the Pop-up Library for some hands-on experimenting with a range of technologies such as Ozobots, Cubelets, and Beebots.

Artist Talk: Robotic empathy

This event is sold out. Be sure to check out 70+ other events on during Robotronica.Can robots feel empathy? Hear artists Adam Donovan and Katrin Hochschuh discuss this and more as they demonstrate Empathy swarm, an experiment in human-robot social interaction. 

Prosthetic Leg Workshop

The Prosthetic Leg workshop encourages students to think innovatively, and introduces them to global healthcare issues and differences around the world. Students will construct a prosthetic leg mechanism and be assessed on the effectiveness of their design. 


Discover a hands-on display of robots!

Robot Play Zone

Robotics@QUT introduces children to the wide possibilities of robotics: from driving remote control robots, to drawing with creative robots, and using sensors to complete fun challenges. 

VR Experience

Experience Virtual and Augmented Reality at the QUT Library.


In the future, what forms of symbiosis will humanity develop with technology? 

The World's first hologram Arcade Machine

Come and try the world's first Hologram Arcade Machine by Brisbane company, Euclideon!