In August 2017, robots of all shapes, sizes and abilities came, saw and conquered at Robotronica, much to the delight of 22,000 families, tech heads, and the plain curious.

Some highlight events are listed below.

Download full Robotronica 2017 program (PDF file, 3.2 MB)

Download Robotronica 2017 print program (PDF file, 2.1 MB)

Australian Robowars Championship

Australia's best combat robots travel to Robotronica to fight it out for the Australian Championship.

Robots, Ethics, and Intimacy: the need for scientific research

What are the legal, ethical and societal issues if humans form intimate relationships with robots?

Who Are These Robots?

Can you tell the difference between human and robot? Performed by Brisbane-based dance crew.

RoboCop: Robots, Ethics, and Law Enforcement

Using robots to deliver law enforcement raises new concerns, and has given rise to intense ethical debates.

Why Future Still Needs Us - AI and Humanity

This exhibition offers a creative window into the world of AI.

The Agency of Human-Robotic Lunatics

A live event featuring Artist-Astronaut, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell