DeepBlue and the Perff Bots

2:00pm - 3:30pm 23rd August 2015
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The closing performance for Robotronica features a plethora of talent including the human orchestra DeepBlue and over 40 robots developed through a ground-breaking art and sciences collaboration between QUT's Faculties of Science & Engineering and Creative Industries. The performance tells a fantasy story of the evolution of humans and their machines and is co-directed by Andy Arthurs, Jonathan Roberts and Jared Donovan.

DeepBlue is the orchestra unleashed, comprising of strings, electronics and physical theatre and movement amplified and magnified by video and lighting and interactivity. Distinctive, disruptive and innovative, tossing many traditional notions of the orchestra overboard. Formally trained they've applied their creative and performing skills to shaking the musical tree, coaxing back mainstream audiences to experience their take on the orchestra of the 21st Century.

DeepBlue have received huge exposure through live performances and TV appearances across the country, and at massive festivals in India, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malyasia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. DeepBlue's last three Australian seasons sold out. They have completed five successful national tours, performing at major metropolitan and regional entertainment centers. Catch DeepBlue in a one night only robot spectacular!


Andy Bates & Michael Smith 
Audio generated by Archifon III: an audiovisual and architectural installation by Tomáš Dvoák and Dan Gregor


Andy Arthurs, Jonathan Roberts, Jared Donovan

Performers: Marianna Joslin - Circus, Allan Bremner (e-mu), Zinia Chan (keys), Jenny Dalsino (violin), Sofia Di Stefano (violin), Richard Grantham (viola/in), Emma Hales (cello), Zander Hulme (all sorts and theremini), Frances Hyu (violin), Wayne Jennings (cello), Greta Kelly (violin), John Meyer (guitar), Evan Setiawan (violin), Hik Sugimoto (v-drums), Amanda Tio (double bass), Liz Young (violin)

Singers: Alex Van Den Broek, Maddy Rossetto, Charity Soo Choon, Kate Missingham

Gabrielle Carter, Madeleine De Grandi, Elizabeth Ferguson, Greta Gilby, Meghan King, Rebecca Murray

Robot Performers 
Callum Hays (Roberto), David Hedger (master controller), Astrid Jonelynas (robot controller), John Board (robot controller), Jessica loughnan (robot controller), Krishan Rana (robot controller), Igor Ivan Gaudeda (robot controller), Lachlan Robinson (robot controller), Dimity Miller (robot controller), Georgina Hines (robot controller), Aubrey Chou (robot controller)

Robot Costumes: Dean Brough; DeepBlue Costumes: Deanna Connelly & Kayne Hunnam; Choreographers: Keith Hawley, DeepBlue, Fiona Cullen; Animation: Chris Carter, Paul Van Opdenbosch, Steven Mohr, Joel Bennett; Visuals: Jared Donovan (Future Dream & More than Molecules), Sarah Petrasiunas (Industrial Revolution & Alien)

Jonathan Roberts (Workerbots, Akrobot, Stella, Skippy), Jared Donovan (Amaebots, Applausebots), Matthew Dunbabin (DIffbots, Akrobot), Ray Russell (robot engineering and construction), Susan Russell (robot construction), Shawn Perkins (robot construction), Brad Dranko (robot construction), Dean Brough (Workerbots, Appendagebots), Gavin Suddrey (Nao dance), Tom Bryant (Skippy), Riki Lamont (Akrobot), Min Zhen, Chai (Stella), Catherine Séguin (Stella), Chris Dirkis (QUT Robotics Club project manager), Rohan Smith (electronics and programming), David Hedger (electronics and programming), David Jakes (programming), Georgina Hine (electronics and construction), Filippo Capurso (electronics and construction), Ben Graham (electronics and construction); Robot Wranglers: Ben Graham, Filippo Capurso, Miles College

Video: Sarah Petrasiunas; Production Manager: Scott Mullane; Lighting director: Ash Neuendorf; FOH Audio Operator: Richard Holliman; Monitor Operator: Andy Griffiths; Stage Manager: Carli Griffin; IT Specialist: Murray King; Camera ops: Caitlin Hultgren, David Gillette, Jennifer Gibson, Eunice Lee, Hazel Yau, Kayne Hunnam; Sound Production and Pre-Production: Kayne Hunnam, Andy Arthurs, Dane Alexander, Josh Tuck, James See; Audio Interns: Josh Coxon, Rhys Tyack, Stewart Whitely, Jamie Petterson

Creative Development 
Andy Arthurs, Sophie Loades, Marianna Joslin, Richard Grantham, Evan Setiawan, Deanna Connelly, Kayne Hunnam; Performance Workshop: Friedrich Kirchner

Future Dream - Dane Alexander (DeepBlue) 
Signs - Dane Alexander (DeepBlue) 
Perpetuum Mobile - Simon Jeffes 
Big Bounce - Phill Wilson (DeepBlue) 
Industrial Revolution - Andy Arthurs/Philip Chambon (DeepBlue) 
Alien (abridged) - Dane Alexander (DeepBlue) 
Unfolding - Richard Grantham (DeepBlue) 
Yagor - Zinia Chan (DeepBlue) 
More than Molecules Andy Arthurs/Philip Chambon (DeepBlue) Arr Zanda Hulme 
Skintight - Andy Arthurs/Philip Chambon (DeepBlue) 
Heroes (David Bowie) Arr Zander Hulme

Thanks to 
QUT Creative Industries: Dance, Technical production, Music, Interactive Visual Design, Fashion, Animation, CI Projects; QUT Design Lab (J-Block); QUT Science and Engineering; QUT Precincts; ARC Centre for Robotic Vision; QUT Robotics Club; Peter Corke (ARC Centre, Robotic Vision); Gene Moyle and DANscienCE; Zoe davis, James See and Josh Tuck (Music tech); George Meijer in Technical Production; Darren Clark; Rigger: Helen Clifford; DeepBlue Interns: Antonia Mobbs, Kacey Radke; QUT Students & Interns: Anjali Jaiprakesh, Petra Knapp(Cal Poly), Heath Kund, Eunice Lee, Deanne Bake, Hazel Yau; Interactive Visual Design Students: Michel Erler, Michelle Jones, Yu Ka, Sarah O'Halloran