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Robots from CSIRO's Data61

9:00am - 4:00pm 18th August
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Lumpy Lawn (near Goodwill Bridge)

Check out legged robots that can sense the world, navigate it autonomously, and traverse places too dangerous and dirty for human work!

CSIRO's Data61 family of robotic creations solve a variety of challenges in underground, underwater, terrestrial and aerial environments. Equipped with legs, wheels, cameras, sensors, fins, blades and magnets they can carry out a number of tasks!

The leading robotics research group work closely with industries like manufacturing, agriculture, mining, construction, environment, oil and gas, and biosecurity, to come up with innovative robotic solutions.

Legged robots are great assets for inspection and first response due to their ability to traverse extreme environments (uneven, unstructured, unstable multi-type terrain) and complex confined spaces (industrial structures, underground structures) with the goal of providing remote in-situ sensing, mapping, sample acquisition and actuation.


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