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The Hospital of the Future

9:00am - 3:00pm 18th August
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P413/A P410 P411
P Block, Level 4

Welcome to the Hospital of the Future! Glimpse into the future of medicine where robots play a very important role - from prosthetics design and virtual reality, to 3D printed body parts. 

The Hospital of the Future encompasses medical, design and engineering innovation by featuring QUT's leadership and latest multidisciplinary research and teaching, applying robotics and interactive design to create automated and customised health solutions.

Visitors can listen, see, create, and play with the following technologies:

  • 3D scanning and imaging: using photogrammetry to construct a 3D image
  • 3D anatomical modelling: learn how to design patient-specific implants and interact with 3D renders of novel prosthetic legs
  • 3D printing/additive manufacturing: discover how to use 3D printing, novel materials and tissue engineering for healthcare
  • Fashion design: take a glimpse at future clothing for hospital staff and patients
  • Virtual and augmented reality: pop on a headset and be transported in the Hospital of the Future to play biofabrication video games

Drop-in, no booking required


Professor Mia Woodruff, Prof Thea Blackler, Mathilde Desselle, Icaro Ibanez-Arricivita, Naomi Paxton, QUT Biofabrication and Tissue Morphology Group, and QUT staff and volunteers.