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This course has been developed by the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association of Queensland Inc. in conjunction with QUT.

This course provides students with contemporary knowledge and skills to meet the health needs of people with a variety of eye disorders.

The knowledge and skills you develop during this course will enable you to provide high quality care in your practice as an ophthalmic nurse, and give you the ability to think critically when planning and providing ophthalmic care.

Who should participate

Registered and enrolled nurses with at least three months' experience working with patients who require ophthalmic care.

You should also be employed at least part-time in ophthalmic practice to enable you to submit a clinical portfolio as part of the overall assessment of the course.



  • Online
  • Correspondence


4 March 2019 - 15 June 2019 (2 week break 6 April - 20 April)

Registrations close 11pm,18 February 2019 or unless the course if full prior.

The course is offered for registered and enrolled nurses, and is designed to be completed over 15 weeks, during the university semester.


This course is conducted externally. A course outline, study guide and readings will be provided online. You won't be required to be on campus during the course. You'll need reliable internet access to complete the course.


$1,350 (GST included)

Fees include access to:

  • online materials
  • Blackboard (QUT's interactive learning tool).

You'll also need to purchase the required text book: Shaw, Mary E.; Lee, Agnes. (2016) Ophthalmic Nursing, Fifth Edition . ISBN 9781482249767. Cost: $86.95 (approximately) plus postage and handling, when purchased through the QUT Bookshop).

Advanced standing (credit) eligibility

If you successfully complete this course and you're accepted into the Graduate Certificate in Nursing, you can apply for advanced standing (credit) for one elective unit worth 12 credit points.


For more information about the course, contact the Rosemary Hobson.

For more information about registration or payments queries, contact the QUTeX team.

Registrations open now.


The course is comprised of 9 modules:

  • Overview: Role of the nurse in ophthalmology
  • Module 1: Ocular anatomy and physiology
  • Module 2: Optics and care of the patient with an error of refraction
  • Module 3: Role of the ophthalmic nurse as educator
  • Module 4: Ophthalmic pharmacology, patient safety and nursing responsibilities
  • Module 5: Ophthalmic assessment of the patient
  • Module 6: Care of the patient presenting with acute problems
  • Module 7: The lens and care of the patient with cataract
  • Module 8: The angle, aqueous and care of the patient with glaucoma
  • Module 9: The retina, vitreous and care of the patient with a condition of the retina


After successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • describe knowledge of ocular anatomy, physiology and optics and discuss how it relates care of patients in the ophthalmic setting
  • apply evidence based resources to improve the quality of ophthalmic nursing practice specifically when caring for patients with common ocular disease processes
  • identify how the individual and cultural needs of a variety of patients with ophthalmic conditions can be met
  • discuss a range of strategies that can be used to provide education programs to promote health, prevent disease and support patient autonomy in the ophthalmic setting
  • explain the use of medications to deliver safe care to ophthalmic patients
  • identify and state the purpose of current practice policies (standards) and guidelines that inform quality care of ophthalmic patients.

You'll receive a QUT-endorsed certificate of completion once you successfully complete the modules and assessment.  As awards and payment for qualifications varies between states, you may need to seek advice from your employer about recognition and remuneration for this course.


Formative assessment

  • Online activities on the university Blackboard site at the end of each module.

Summative assessment

  • Clinical case study of your choice.
  • Clinical portfolio recording completion of activities contained in each of the modules.


Amanda Wylie

Amanda Wylie has over 20 years experience in ophthalmic nursing at various levels and in a wide range of practice settings. Amanda has had extensive involvement in the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association of Queensland Inc (AONAQ) and has been a member of that organisation since 1994, serving on the Executive Committee for 19 of those years. She is currently involved in contributing to the development of the Professional Practice Standards for Ophthalmic Nurses in Australia.

Amanda has a Masters in Nursing (Health Services), a Post Graduate Certificate in Ophthalmic Nursing and Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Teaching, and is a member of the College of the Australian College of Nursing.

Contact Amanda at amanda@wylies.net.au.


Registrations open now.


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