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  • QUTeX Fundamentals: Managing People

    The module will develop your understanding of what managing people is all about.

    Related study areas

    • Business
    • Leadership
    • Transformation
  • QUTeX Fundamentals: Information Technology - Artificial Intelligence

    This module is designed to investigate the methods of making computers more ‘intelligent’.

    Related study areas

    • Business
    • Science
    • Digital capability
  • QUTeX Fundamentals: Reflective and Resilient Thinking

    This module is designed to develop your capacity as a reflective, reasoned and resilient thinker.

    Related study areas

    • Business
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning

    This module teaches how to construct, analyse, and critically evaluate arguments, how to detect common fallacies in reasoning, and how to think logically and creatively.

    Related study areas

    • Business
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