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  • Activate: Transformation eXcelerator

    A revolutionary experience for highly motivated and courageous business leaders looking to re-orient and transform their businesses and organisations.

  • Trainee Solicitors Program (TSP) and Supplementary Training

    Set yourself up for success and excel in QUTeX Trainee Solicitors Program for admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland as a legal practitioner. Complete your 90 hours of approved training or fill gaps in your workplace training with supplementary training.

  • Cyber Security for Non-Cyber Professionals

    This course will provide the knowledge and skills for non-cyber professionals to understand and manage for cyber risks and will provide practical measures to protect organisational assets.

  • Professional Mediation Course: Mediation (LWN206)

    Learn more about professional mediation with the mediation course.

  • Planning Professional Presentations

    Deliver presentations that pack a punch every time.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Management

    Develop your understanding of critical Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management elements.

  • Health Care Law and Ethics

    Participants in this online short course will develop an understanding of health law, health ethics and the relationships between the two.

  • The Psychology of Negotiation

    Ensure you get your preferred outcome by securing your knowledge of psychological negotiation techniques.

  • Professional Mediation: National Mediation Assessment

    Learn more about how you can get the mediation background you need to apply for the National Mediator Accreditation.

  • Transformational Leadership and Workforce Change

    Keeping up with today's fast-paced world and balancing competing priorities while managing staff is a struggle experienced by many leaders in today's workplace. Explore new ways of working and supercharge your leadership skills to reduce fatigue and create meaningful change in your organisation.

  • Successful Speechwriting

    Designed for professionals from all sectors who write speeches, and seek to fine-tune their practice.

  • Planning Professional Presentations

    Deliver presentations that pack a punch every time.

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