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  • Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation: An introduction

    Learn how to use rhythm and movement to support positive behaviour for children aged 3-6 years old.

  • CT Anatomy for Radiation Therapy

    Re-familiarise yourself with CT image production and confidently interpret CT anatomy for a range of anatomical sites.

  • Thought Leadership for Transformation

    Successful leaders are inspirational and engaging. Learn the skills and practices of thought leadership to inspire and inject positive change in your organisation or industry.

  • QUTeX Real World Futures

    Frugal Innovation for the Resource and Energy Industries: Developing and Deploying New Technologies During the Lean Times

  • Human-Centred Leadership for Transformation

    Design a successful transformation journey by understanding how to take a human-centric leadership approach. Put people first, create value and focus on your service delivery.

  • Inclusive education: Core concepts and essential knowledge

    Gain essential knowledge to make inclusive education work for all children and young people.

  • Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

    Explore characteristics of learners on the autism spectrum and discover how to apply universal evidence-based strategies to support their learning in inclusive education environments.

  • Module Plus - Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

    Draw from your understanding of the characteristics of the autism spectrum and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to develop a plan using inclusive strategies for learners on the autism spectrum.

  • Transformational Leadership and Workforce Change

    Keeping up with today's face-paced world and balancing competing priorities while managing staff is a struggle experienced by many leaders in today's workplace. Explore new ways of working and supercharge your leadership skills to reduce fatigue and create meaningful change in your organisation.

  • Designing your Transformation Roadmap

    Successful organisational change begins by thinking differently, challenging the status quo and focusing on the long-term.

  • Palliative Care Nursing in Various Contexts

    Grow your skills to sensitively care for palliative and end-of-life patients.

  • Implementing Transformative Technology

    Digital, disruptive and innovative technologies are here to stay. Uncover new technologies that are reinterpreting the way we live and work to transform your business.

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