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  • Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation: An introduction

    Learn how to use rhythm and movement to support positive behaviour for children aged 3-6 years old.

  • QUTeX Real World Futures

    Frugal Innovation for the Resource and Energy Industries: Developing and Deploying New Technologies During the Lean Times

  • Mentoring Beginning Teachers

    Learn how to share your practical skills and knowledge with beginning teachers, and help them build their practice and their confidence.

  • First Nations' perspectives for teaching and learning

    Develop an action plan to embed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into your early childhood service, classroom or school. Make your contribution to reconciliation and successful education experiences for all learners.

  • Activate: Transformation eXcelerator

    A revolutionary experience for highly motivated and courageous business leaders looking to re-orient and transform their businesses and organisations.

  • Innovative Thinking for Teachers and School Leaders

    Build the capabilities to bring to life ideas and opportunities in your educational context.

  • Teaching Students Who Have Suffered Complex Trauma

    Become equipped with the right practices to support students impacted by trauma.

  • Teaching phonics in Early Childhood

    Learn how to support young children to develop their oral language and phonological and phonemic awareness.

  • Inclusive education: Core concepts and essential knowledge

    Gain essential knowledge to make inclusive education work for all children and young people.

  • Creating apps in the classroom

    Build an app customised to the learning needs of your students.

  • Bullying in schools: What can teachers do?

    Find out how to avoid the common issues that can undermine the success of your school’s prevention of bullying policy. Learn what you can do to minimise bullying behaviour in your classroom, school and community.

  • Teaching Probability and Stats: Middle Years

    Build on your knowledge as an educator and learn the best strategies for teaching probability and statistics to high school students.

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