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  • Thought Leadership for Transformation

    Successful leaders are inspirational and engaging. Learn the skills and practices of thought leadership to inspire and inject positive change in your organisation or industry.

  • QUTeX Real World Futures

    Frugal Innovation for the Resource and Energy Industries: Developing and Deploying New Technologies During the Lean Times

  • Using Influence to be an Effective Negotiator

    Whether it is your boss, a colleague in another team, stakeholder, customer, or a team member, learning to negotiate with influence is important to your success and career.

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence

    Evolve your emotional intelligence to foster successful workplace relationship, increase productivity and kick personal and organisational goals.

  • Designing your Transformation Roadmap

    Successful organisational change begins by thinking differently, challenging the status quo and focusing on the long-term.

  • Queensland Government digital leadership: Digital project board governance masterclass

    Gain the tools to become an effective Queensland Government digital project board committee member.

  • Leading Change and Growth Through the Power of Conversation

    Use conversational leadership to lead change in your organisation.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    Bolster your decision making and streamline your business processes with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach.

  • Activate: Transformation eXcelerator

    A revolutionary experience for highly motivated and courageous business leaders looking to re-orient and transform their businesses and organisations.

  • Planning Professional Presentations

    Deliver presentations that pack a punch every time.

  • Human-Centred Leadership for Transformation

    Design a successful transformation journey by understanding how to take a human-centric leadership approach. Put people first, create value and focus on your service delivery.

  • Introduction to Quality Management in Health

    Gain an in-depth understanding of quality management and advanced skills in the development of quality management programs in clinical frameworks.

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