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Put your career in the EXPRESS lane

With the pace of change getting faster and faster, you want to be able to learn new skills today and use them tomorrow. QUT EX helps you to do just that. Explore our range of short courses and related degree courses to find just what you need to gain that extra edge in the real world.

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Actioning strategic change and innovation (Emerging Leaders Program)

Effect change and innovation that will be seen as genuinely beneficial.

Building personal courage and resilience

Dr Robert Biswas-Diener, author of The Courage Quotient, inspires lion-hearted leadership.

Building resilience in a fast-paced world

Develop tools and strategies that will help you thrive in complex and challenging work environments.

Choosing and coaching for change

Learn how to lead change in yourself, your team and your organisation.

Communicating for results (Emerging Leaders Program)

Learn the communication skills and techniques needed to get results in today’s complex public and private sector environments.

Constraints innovation

Learn to unlock the full value from resources and overcome the challenges presented by constraints within your organisation.

Contemporary workforce planning through strategic HR

Get your workforce strategies in tune with your business strategy and a changing world.

Design thinking for improved service delivery

Learn the methodologies that can help you create new service solutions.

Developing and delivering complex policy (Emerging Leaders Program)

For leaders needing to sharpen their policy development and implementation skills.

Executive Graduate Certificate in Business (Leadership through Coaching and Mentoring)

Graduate Certificate

For leaders inspired to coach or coaches inspired to lead.

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

Masters Degree (Coursework)

Good managers follow change. Great leaders make change.

Executive Membership program

A 12-month program specifically designed for those in senior managerial roles who want to develop and refine their leadership abilities.

Graduate Certificate in Business (Managing and Leading in the Public Sector)

Graduate Certificate

Become a leader of tomorrow today.

Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management)

Graduate Certificate

Building the business of government in partnership with the governments of Australia.

How to develop a coaching culture

Develop energising coaching behaviours and action plans to take your team to greatness.

Leadership of strategic supplier relationships

How executives can create, build and maintain beneficial strategic supplier relationships.

Leadership through coaching and mentoring

Move from a manager looking from above to a mentor in the thick of the action.

Leading self and others (Emerging Leaders Program)

Understanding what makes a better leader is key to becoming one - and developing leadership skills in others.

Leading strategic initiatives and programs (Emerging Leaders Program)

Equipping leaders with the latest knowledge and skills to implement strategic initiatives and programs in increasingly challenging environments with multiple stakeholders.

Leading with purpose

Learn how purposeful leadership can help you to deal with managerial dilemmas.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Masters Degree (Coursework)

Adapt to change with a QUT MBA.

Maximising your influence as a leader

Explore how to apply your influence as a leader to be more persuasive.

Navigating risk, ethics and politics (Emerging Leaders Program)

Equipping senior executives with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate risk and ethical challenges in increasingly complicated political and business environments.

Organisational and strategic renewal: leading the change

How to lead your team through change and renewal processes.

Performance leadership (Emerging Leaders Program)

Learn and develop the performance leadership skills demanded by the fast-evolving public and private sector environments.

Restoring leadership to a noble profession

How leaders can influence organisations and communities to foster generosity and creativity, and effect positive change.

Smart cities

Understand how information and communication technology is transforming how we interact in urban environments.

Strategically managing funds (Emerging Leaders Program)

Understand how financial strategy intersects with business management to maximise budget performance.

The psychology of negotiation

Understand motivations and trust issues and learn strategies for challenging meetings.