What our faculties offer


Flexible modules
Business case competitions
International opportunities

Join our Business Advantage program and network with other students and industry professionals, and learn how to get a competitive edge in the workplace. Boost your professional and personal development with guest presentations from inspiring industry, community and university leaders; flexible modules and activities; and a rich environment of interaction, discussion, cooperation and debate.

We also support our students to get involved with entrepreneurship and social change through Enactus: the world’s largest university-based free-enterprise organisation. Connect with entrepreneurial projects in the real world and make a change for you and your community.

Hone your skills in competition with your fellow students and students from other universities through our business case competitions, and explore international opportunities for skill-building and success.

Put your theoretical knowledge into practice with QUTopia, a hands-on marketing simulation that lets you develop, promote and sell products and services to become the QUTopia market and financial leader.

Creative industries

Build strong networks
Collaborative development
Showcase your work

You’ll have endless opportunities throughout your course to build, create, design and collaborate in industry-standard spaces. Be part of an environment that fosters collaborative development, true real-world partnerships and a dedication to creating an international hub of creative enterprise.

We’re passionate about new and emerging technologies and how these can have real-world impact on creative practice, communication and design. Access cutting-edge technology and resources with connections to our real-world researchers, and bring your creative flair to life.

Just like in the real world, creative industries study at QUT encourages a vibrant creative community. You’ll make friends and build connections with other creative practitioners and designers from all fields, ensuring strong networks for your future career.

See real examples of our students work at performances, screening, showcases and exhibitions at the Creative Industries Precinct and Gardens Theatre, or view online creative portfolios at our No Walls student showcase.


Coached by professionals
Practical learning
Explore your passion

To prepare you to be an inspiring, innovative, tech-savvy and confident teacher for the future, you’ll experience a range of exciting new learning and teaching environments in our new Education Precinct. This will facilitate just the right balance of collaborative learning and quiet individual research, and prepare you for your professional experiences.

Our expert teaching staff will encourage you to push boundaries, be curious and innovate: qualities you will in turn foster in the students you teach.


QUT Health Clinics
Practical learning
Simulation spaces

Our on-campus facilities give you unparalleled access to real-world training and environments, and our QUT Health Clinics are open to the general public. You’ll work with real patients solving real health problems, alongside accredited clinicians, in exercise and movement science, nutrition and dietetics, optometry, podiatry, and psychology and counselling.

Our Clinical Simulation Centre lets our nursing and paramedic students get first-hand experience and practical learning with world-class models and simulations. We also have specialist medical imaging laboratories, ambulance simulation spaces, and a pharmacy counselling room where you can fine-tune your skills to complement your theoretical learning. Our equipment is all purpose-built to meet your learning needs, and to make sure we’re always up-to-date with industry thinking and research.


Mooting and mock trials
Coached by professionals
Realistic settings

We have a rich tradition of mooting and mock trials, where you’ll develop your skills, experience advocacy and build important confidence as a legal professional. Learn about the art of courtroom practice and debate, and how to apply theory to your practice. You’ll be coached by lawyers, barristers and judges who volunteer their time to help create a real-world experience.

Compete in the annual QUT Torts Law Moot competition against other student teams from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, as well as other internal, interstate and international mooting competitions. Fine-tune your skills in a competitive environment, and learn to think like a lawyer.

Get a feel for real-world legal practice in our state-of-the-art moot court, which provides a realistic setting for your learn courtroom etiquette and procedure. A capstone experience in your final year will equip you to respond to complex, real-world legal problems, so that you can hit the ground running when you graduate.

Science and engineering

Strategic partnerships
High-tech laboratories
Accredited courses

Benefit from connections to our strategic partnerships with industry giants like the Brisbane Airport Corporation, Boeing, Shell and SAP. These industry links keep our courses relevant, bring prestigious guest lecturers to our classrooms, and develop pathways to amazing careers for our graduates.

Our labs and workshops house the latest high-tech equipment and software, meaning that you’ll be learning and working at the cutting edge of STEM practice. Work across collaborative and innovative learning and research environments at the Science and Engineering Centre, including The Cube, one of the world's largest one of the world's largest digital labs and interactive learning and display spaces.

We have a strong commitment to women in STEM, and foster a culture of equal opportunity and representation.

To ensure that we’re giving you the most industry-relevant education, our courses are accredited with a range of Australian and international organisations, demonstrating our commitment to being at the forefront of STEM learning and teaching.