The real world is a place of constant change. Robotics and data are coming of age. Biofabrication and artificial intelligence are evolving.

Change impacts how we care for each other and the environment. How we work. How we create and how we play.

To thrive, we'll need to think outside the box. Be more agile. More prepared for the jobs of today, and the jobs that are yet to be invented.

QUT will prepare you for a changing world, giving you the skills to flourish.

What our faculties offer


Agile thinking
Disruption savvy
Industry connections

Technology has transformed the way businesses operate. To succeed in rapidly evolving environments, business professionals need to lead change rather than respond to disruption. The future belongs to agile thinkers with advanced business knowledge and the experience and insight to exploit emerging opportunities.

QUT will equip you to thrive in a dynamic business environment. Our connections to industry will provide you with learning experiences grounded in the latest business case studies. You’ll have opportunities to connect with future employers through events, internships and work experience. Learn to think critically and creatively and to approach challenges with confidence. Develop the skills and knowledge to ethically and sustainably shape the future of twenty-first century business.

Creative industries

Integrated technology
Industry network
Real-world experience

Today, in every field, creativity is essential. It opens the door to new discoveries. It shows the way forward. It defines and redefines a changing world. QUT is embracing the future of creativity. We give you the skills and connections you need today and the career agility you need for the future. That’s why QUT graduates are in demand.

Creativity, communication and design are at the forefront of a rapidly changing world. Opportunities to promote and distribute work and content digitally are expanding career options for graduates. Creative skills are highly valued across all industries. Our industry connections and world leading creative hub will position you to succeed in an evolving work environment.


Innovative strategies
Link theory to practice
Build confidence

The faster our world evolves, the more important teachers become. Teachers prepare students for a future that is very different to today. It’s a future that will be shaped not just by artificial intelligence, but also by emotional intelligence. We need teachers who will help students to be curious, creative and confident. To love learning.

At QUT, we aim is to prepare you to be a well-rounded professional who is ready to teach in the classrooms of today and into the future. Our expert lecturers will encourage you to push boundaries, be curious, innovate, and incorporate digital technologies in your teaching. You'll be prepared to tailor your teaching to inspire your students and ensure all learners are reaching their full potential.

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Cutting edge facilities
Industry connections
Hands on experiences

The real world of health care is a place of constant technological change. Advances in medical and social robotics, telehealth, wearable technologies and patient information management are changing how, where and when health care is delivered, recorded and analysed. They’re allowing us to be more agile, but still keep the focus on the most important thing - people.

QUT health courses will ground you in the latest ways of providing specialist health care and support services, as you develop the skills to thrive in the real world. You will have access to industry leaders, and state-of-the-art simulation facilities and clinics where you can learn in a safe, controlled environment before building your workplace skills through practical placements.


Contemporary knowledge
Innovative thinking
Critical connections

We’re preparing our students to adapt and respond to a disrupted legal services market, with up-to-date courses and skills to succeed in a diverse range of careers.

The new minor in law, technology and innovation provides law students with the skills to communicate and collaborate with technologists, innovators, regulators, designers and policy makers. Our justice courses are consistently refreshed to meet the needs of community, government and police agencies as they evolve.

Our evidence-based courses are informed by the latest research and reflective practice and will equip you to succeed in a changing world.

Science and engineering

Critical thinking
World-changing research
Practical experience

Discovering how to improve lives by solving real-world problems will be crucial in the future workforce. We design our courses so you graduate future focused. Our world-class lecturers will teach you the latest scientific advances and technologies, and how to apply these to some of the biggest challenges we are facing in society—challenges in agriculture and the environment, health and medical advances, technology and infrastructure, and energy and resources.

We'll also ensure you develop your problem-solving skills and critical-thinking techniques, build your confidence and capacity to be agile in grasping new opportunities, and help you explore your entrepreneurial nous. Our courses will give you the skills to address real-world challenges and thrive in a redefined future.

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Our work-integrated learning set you up for a career in the real world.

Hear from our students as they document their workplace experiences and show what it's really like to study at QUT.

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