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Honours and undergraduate research

Why study honours?

The honours course provides foundation skills in designing and undertaking research. Some of our 4 and 5 year courses offer honours in the final year. For most 3 year degrees, honours requires an additional year of study.

We also have accelerated honours programs, which you apply for at the end of high school.

An honours year normally consists of:

  • one semester's coursework study
  • preparing a research hypothesis and methodology
  • presenting the research results in a thesis.

Honours is ideal for recent graduates from bachelor degrees.

Deeper discipline knowledge

If you are part way through your undergraduate course and are interested in studying at a more detailed level, an honours year allows you to more deeply investigate a topic of interest.

First steps to a research career

For most students, honours provides a pathway to further higher degree research, including a PhD.

Postgraduate pathways

Honours courses

During your honours year, you will study and apply research techniques, which will give you an advantage in any research or professional career you choose.

If you're interested in applying for a postgraduate research course after you've graduated, we offer events, courses and programs to help you learn more about the research experience.

Undergraduate research opportunities

Participating in a research experience while you're studying your bachelor degree is an excellent opportunity to find out what's involved with research and whether it suits you.

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