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Become an engineer and build the world you live in.

Why study engineering at QUT?

  • Study a hands-on, practical field with amazing real-world applications and outcomes.
  • Learn from award-winning academics and researchers to get the skills you need to build the future.
  • Choose to specialise in an engineering field you're passionate about.
  • Graduate from most of our courses fully accredited and ready to work anywhere in the world.

Short courses and professional development

Choose your specialisation

Electrical and aerospace engineering

Choose to specialise in electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, or computer engineering and software systems. Design, develop, plan and manufacture electrical systems and devices that are essential life and growth. Build planes, helicopters, spacecraft and satellites to take your journey to the next level. Or create and modify essential software programs, like operating systems, communications software, and software in devices like satellites and flight systems.

Chemical process engineering

Combine chemical and mechanical engineering skills in the exciting field of chemical process engineering. Refine, renew and modify raw materials to make useful products to help society flourish. Develop and optimise industrial processes for a more efficient, sustainable future.

Civil and construction engineering

Learn to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain a variety of structures and facilities that benefit society, including roads, factories, railways and harbours. As a civil or construction engineer, you'll be building our world's future.

Mechanical engineering

Choose to specialise in mechanical engineering, mechatronics or medical engineering. Create, improve and maintain systems and machinery. Develop exciting new techniques in automated systems and robotics. Or design and manufacture cutting-edge medical equipment to improve health care and medical services.

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