Study chemical process engineering

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Combine mechanical and chemical engineering skills to start your career as a chemical process engineer.

Why study chemical process engineering at QUT?

  • See the industry in action when you complete at least 60 days of workplace experience as part of your undergraduate course.
  • Graduate accredited and ready to work anywhere in the world.
  • Study a wide range of topics, from mathematics, chemistry and energy systems, to fluid mechanics, engineering materials, and energy and process management.
  • Graduate with an honours degree to get a career advantage.

Develop society's essential materials

Chemical process engineers develop and optimise industrial processes to make the huge range of products on which society depends.

Chemical process engineering involves refining, renewing and modifying raw materials (like sugar cane, ore-bearing rocks, waste, commodity chemicals or animals) to produce useful products and by-products.

In your future career, you'll design equipment, control chemical reactions, develop process control strategies, and operate and upgrade industrial processes.

Real-world skills

You'll learn to apply practical analysis and technical principles to areas in both science and engineering, including mathematics, chemistry, energy systems, fluid mechanics, engineering materials, energy management and process management.

You'll also develop project management and leadership skills to solve complex and multidisciplinary problems.

Hands-on learning

You'll have opportunities to visit work sites, where you'll get an insight to how chemical process engineers operate in the workplace. You'll also have opportunities to complete our work integrated learning and research projects.

Get career-building, first-hand experience in the chemical process engineering industry with a minimum of 60 days of required workplace experience as part of your undergraduate course.

Graduate with honours

Our undergraduate degree is an honours-level course, which means you'll graduate with a distinct career edge. An honours degree is a higher qualification than a bachelor degree, giving you advanced knowledge and skills that will benefit you in your professional career, or future research and study.

Professional recognition

All our graduates are eligible for an Engineers Australia membership. Engineers Australia is a signatory to the Washington Accord, which lets graduates work in countries around the world and means your qualification will be recognised internationally.

Career outcomes

Our graduates can be employed in numerous industries, including:

  • mining
  • manufacturing
  • chemical production.

They can also work in a large variety of services, including:

  • environmental
  • electrical
  • gas
  • water
  • waste.

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