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More than ever, pharmacists are contributing to improved health care through their growing scope of services. It’s an exciting, global profession with excellent employment opportunities.

Why study pharmacy at QUT?

  • Over 500 hours of real experience starting in your first year and incorporating hospital and community pharmacies, and industry placements.
  • Learn from pharmacy experts with established careers in patient-centered clinical care and award-winning research.
  • Offered as a bachelor honours degree to ensure graduates are critical thinkers who can adapt to evolving pharmacist role.
  • Develop skills in modern labs, simulated pharmacy environments, and collaborative learning spaces on campus.

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Graduate job ready

Our courses are regularly reviewed in consultation with the profession to capture emerging trends in pharmacy. We are recognised for delivering quality graduates.

Our undergraduate course is designed to reflect the complexity of pharmacy practice in the real world. You will undertake studies in key areas of patient care, such as musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and mental health. Each semester you will build on previous learning to create a holistic understanding of the varying factors that can contribute to a patient's overall health and care plan.

The honours component recognises the increasing priority of evidence-based practice in health care. This strong foundation in research gives you the advanced skills needed to become a leader in an evolving profession where the scope of practice is expanding.

The unique structure of our program, coupled with extensive practical experience, ensures you are confident and competent when you enter the workforce.

Real-world experience

As a student in the undergraduate program you will complete more than 500 hours of clinical placement, starting during first year. You will complete placements in the traditional hospital and community pharmacy environments, but will also have the opportunity to explore emerging healthcare roles where pharmacists are increasingly being employed.

On campus, you will have access to specialist health equipment and facilities, including:

  • modern scientific laboratories that incorporate collaborative learning spaces
  • pharmacy simulation facilities that mimic a real pharmacy environment
  • Clinical Simulation Centre, featuring high-tech mannequins that simulate symptoms of disease and illness.

These spaces offer a safe, controlled environment where you can build confidence in fundamental skills and patient care.

Real research outcomes

Our pharmacy research is focused on creating new knowledge that contributes to improved practice and patient care. Our areas of research include:

  • drug discovery and formulation
  • applied research in practice
  • quality use of medicines and innovative prescribing initiatives
  • pharmacy education to optimise future health work forces.

Our researchers are drivers of change and have been recognised by industry bodies for their innovation. Recent research success includes:

The majority of our research is conducted through the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation. Our researchers work in multidisciplinary teams across multiple sites, including hospitals where patients are treated.

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