Study mechanical engineering

Be at the forefront of engineering and discovery, with specialisations in mechanical, medical, or mechatronics engineering.

Why study mechanical engineering at QUT?

  • Choose to specialise in mechanical engineering, medical engineering or mechatronics.
  • Balance theory and hands-on practical experience to give you an industry edge.
  • Complete at least 60 days of industrial experience as part of your undergraduate course.
  • Graduate from our undergraduate courses accredited and ready to work anywhere in the world.

Choose your specialisation

Mechanical engineering

Turn energy into power and motion, and learn to design, create, improve and maintain systems and machinery. Keep up with changing technologies and contribute to the sustainable and future development of industry.

Mechatronics engineering

Mechatronics engineering is a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, and computing. Get the foundations for a strong career in electronic and computer control systems, like aircraft and power generators, and the high-tech fields like automated systems and robotics.

Medical engineering

Medical engineers design, manufacture and maintain medical equipment to improve health care and medical services. Integrate engineering with human physiology to find solutions to problems in medicine.

Real-world experience

In our courses, you'll gain experience with real-world, hands-on activities in an innovative learning environment.

You'll work under the supervision of a certified engineer, and gain credit for paid work, with our work integrated learning program. You'll complete at least 60 hours of industrial experience as part of your course, giving you a great insight into industry behaviour, as well as solid networking opportunities.

Because our courses provide our students with broad knowledge and specialisations, you'll graduate ready to start work in professional practice.

Work with experts

Learn from the best, with immersion in practical projects and experience working alongside our cutting-edge researchers.

Mechatronics students can get involved with real-world projects like QUT Motorsport and the avionics Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Outback Challenge.

Medical engineering students can work with our team at QUT's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and Medical Engineering Research Facility.

Professional recognition

All our graduates are eligible for an Engineers Australia membership. Engineers Australia is a signatory to the Washington Accord, which lets graduates work in countries around the world and means your qualification will be recognised internationally.

Learn management skills

Our postgraduate management courses let you develop the skills to move towards a career in project and organisational management.

Our project management courses help you develop fundamental project management skills, regardless of your professional background. Our engineering management courses let practising engineers get management qualifications with advanced engineering skills and knowledge.

Build knowledge in your field

With our postgraduate coursework programs, you will develop advanced and specialised skills in your profession. Our management courses let you develop the skills to move towards a career in project and organisational management.  In our postgraduate research courses, you can focus your existing skills in a range of exciting fields, allowing you to develop advanced and specialised skills in your profession

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