Study information systems and technologies

Study emerging technologies in our state-of-the-art facilities, and be part of the next generation of leaders in information systems and information technology.

Why study information systems and technologies

  • Choose to focus on computer science or information systems, giving you the flexibility to choose a course that suits your programming skills.
  • Work with our leading academics to produce cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions.
  • Give yourself a career edge with options for industry placements and internships.

Choose your career

If you're new to studying information technology, you can choose a course that will help your career set off in the right direction.

Become a programmer

Learn programming and software design with our Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science).

Work with information systems

Learn to design, develop and maintain large database applications for business, and how to implement software to support business problems, with our Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems). You don't need an in-depth knowledge of computer programming.

Focus your skills as a specialist

Study our Master of Information Technology to get advanced knowledge in your discipline, and train the skills you'll need for senior IT professional positions.

Create new technologies

Our Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science) focuses on what makes technology work, and how building systems and software can solve complex problems.

Apply your new skills in computer science to exciting, emerging areas like mobile computing, artificial intelligence, robotics and large-scale information management. Work with researchers and academics to make new technologies a reality.

Bring creative software solutions

Our Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) will prepare you to identify needs and design software solutions in contemporary industry. Learn skills in design, systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, and modelling and abstraction to prepare you for a career as a software system expert.

Study specialty areas

Throughout our Bachelor of Information Science, you'll be able to try out a range of specialty fields, helping you to choose the direction of your future career. Learn about software development, networked systems, information security, networks and communication, intelligent systems, data-centric computing, and human-computer interaction.

Study a Master of Information Technology and focus your learning on:

  • data science
  • enterprise systems
  • security
  • computer science
  • business process management
  • networks
  • user experience
  • information management.

Solve real-world issues

As part of our Master of Information Technology, you'll complete projects to solve real-world issues, focusing on your specialty area. Working with and industry mentor, you could develop a software solution, respond to an emerging business case, or build new technical specifications and theoretical frameworks to solve complex issues affecting the industry today.

Complete an internship

Throughout your undergraduate course, you'll have opportunities to complete internships with high profile industry clients both in Australia and overseas. Build important networks and make great industry connections while developing your skills in a truly real-world setting.

Get started on your research career

Apply your skills and learning to explore the latest research in the information technology field. Work with respected academics and established research teams to make a contribution to the growing field of IT research.

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