Study games design and development

Be part of our exciting interactive development hub, and produce games for a worldwide audience.

Why study games design and development at QUT?

  • Combine creative and technical skills to develop a broad knowledge of games design.
  • Work with industry professionals to get practical and hands-on experience.
  • Get technical know-how with games programming, including graphics programming and artificial intelligence.

Learn media development from concept to finished product

Get experience in the whole process of game and interactive media development. Take your raw ideas to full design concepts, and then bring your products to life with technology skills like games programming, graphics programming and game artificial intelligence.

Study industry trends and cultural impact, critique existing products and build the problem-solving and teamwork skills you'll need to launch your products in the real world.

Work with industry personalities

Interact with games designers and developers working in the industry. These experts will deliver guest lectures, run workshops and industry events. Learn from their first-hand experience in the gaming community.

Combine technical know-how with creative design

Our Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments brings together creative and IT expertise from across our faculties. Bring a creative flair to technical expertise, helping you create games and interactive products that make their mark on a fast-paced industry.

Career outcomes

Depending on your specialisation, you'll graduate ready to work as a:

  • games programmer
  • games designer
  • simulation developer or designer
  • animator
  • film and television special effects developer
  • games reviewer
  • video game tester
  • sound designer
  • mobile entertainment and communications developer.

Your strong design and programming skills can also lead to jobs as a:

  • web developer
  • digital product strategist
  • multimedia designer
  • software developer
  • technical officer.

Professional recognition

The software technologies major in this course is accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), and ACS accreditation is internationally recognised by the Seoul Accord, meaning that you'll graduate ready to start working in tech hubs around the world.

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