Study electrical and aerospace engineering

Be part of an exciting future where the technology and its applications are constantly changing.

Why study electrical and aerospace engineering at QUT?

  • Choose to study in the fields of electrical engineering, aerospace engineering or computer and software systems.
  • Make connections with ground-breaking researchers in our Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision.
  • Take field trips and complete hands-on projects with industry leaders, and get real experience with your course's practical focus.
  • Develop the ability to problem-solve and make complex decisions in a rapidly changing work environment.

Choose your specialisation

Electrical engineering

Get experience with challenging design projects and laboratory work that can give you the edge in contributing to industry. You'll study the design, research, development, planning, manufacture and management of the electrical systems and devices that underpin economies and contribute to quality of life.

Electrical and aerospace engineering

Researchers in this discipline are creating a new generation of robots that can visually sense and understand complex and unstructured real-world environments, as well as investigating the various practical uses. You'll study the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of the electronic systems of military and civilian aeroplanes, helicopters, spacecraft, satellites and UAV’s.

Computer engineering and software systems

Software and computers play a central role in the modern world, including large and complex systems that have major impacts on people's lives. You'll learn to create and modify software programs, such as operating systems, applications software, communications software, and software in devices like GPS, satellites and aircraft flight systems.

Real-world experience

Our courses have strong industry links, real-world lecturers and a practical focus, which ensures you'll graduate ready for your career. You'll get hands-on experience in challenging, practical exercises through laboratories and design projects that will let you make immediate contributions to industry.

In our electrical and aerospace engineering courses, you'll go on field trips that will provide you with a first-hand view of aerospace avionics, and you'll build great connections with engineers and researchers at our Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision.

Graduate with honours

Our engineering bachelor degrees are honours-level courses, which means you'll graduate with a distinct career edge. An honours degree is a higher qualification than a bachelor degree, giving you advanced knowledge and skills that will benefit you in your professional career, or future research and study.

Professional recognition

All our graduates are eligible for an Engineers Australia membership. Engineers Australia is a signatory to the Washington Accord, which lets graduates work in countries around the world and means your qualification will be recognised internationally.

Focus or diversify your knowledge

With our postgraduate coursework programs, you will develop advanced and specialised skills in your profession.

Our management courses let you develop the skills to move towards a career in project and organisational management.

In our postgraduate research courses, you can focus your existing skills in a range of exciting fields, allowing you to develop advanced and specialised skills in your profession.

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