Study earth and environmental sciences

Become industry-ready and gain the experience you'll need to solve current global issues like climate change, use of natural resources, natural hazard monitoring, and air, water and soil quality.

Why study earth and environmental sciences at QUT?

  • Develop practical skills through field experience using real-world examples and materials.
  • Work and research with specialist equipment in our $230 million Science and Engineering Centre.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to travel and experience earth sciences in the real world, with industry visits and work placements.

Get out in the field

Our students develop hands-on practical skills through laboratory work and field studies, starting in their first year. You'll have the opportunity to participate in field studies within Australia and overseas. Field work is an important aspect of earth and environmental sciences.

You'll stand on active volcanoes, visit some of the oldest rocks in Australia and study the Great Barrier Reef first-hand. Field experiences range from day trips to the Sunshine Coast and North Stradbroke Island to week-long trips to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, the Whitsunday Islands in northern Queensland, or the north island of New Zealand.

Study to fit your interests

Earth science

Our teaching and research strengths are in:

  • earth materials characterisation
  • marine geology
  • groundwater systems
  • natural hazards.

Environmental science

Our teaching and research strengths are in:

  • spatial mapping
  • soils and geomorphology
  • hydro-geology, water and waste-water
  • regional ecosystems
  • environmental engineering.

Undergraduate research opportunities

Participate in the Vacation Research Experience Scheme, where you can work as a member of a research team over the summer holidays. You'll work with real researchers in real laboratories, gaining invaluable skills and research experience. Make an important contribution to a current research project, and get hands-on experience with high-tech industry equipment.

Learn from the best

Our staff have years of experience working in industry and research, both in Australia and around the world. Our staff members have won national and international awards for their professional contributions, and they're leading research projects into improving the use of natural resources, natural hazard monitoring and mitigation, biodiversity management, and marine environment understanding and preservation.

Our staff have strong links with local industry, supporting many of our graduates to find work in the resource industry in Queensland and beyond.

Industry connections

Our academics and researchers are working closely with government and industry to be part of sustainable solutions to environmental issues including:

  • climate change
  • air, water and soil quality
  • soil erosion
  • dry land salinity
  • water resources
  • coastal development
  • land resource management
  • minerals, oil and gas exploration
  • natural hazards.

Our teaching staff maintain strong links with government organisations and industry, making sure that our courses are up-to-date and industry-relevant.

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