Study dance

Our exceptional dance programs have been producing leading dance professionals for over 35 years.

Why study dance at QUT?

  • Develop your career as a performing artist, choreographer, educator, researcher, administrator or other type of dance professional.
  • Develop core techniques and experience in a broad range of dance genres.
  • Connect with industry professionals in Australia and around the world.

Become a dancer

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) will prepare you for a career as a professional dancer and performing artist.

This course offers intensive daily training in the core techniques of ballet and contemporary dance, weekly contemporary partnering, pas de deux, pointe, male coaching classes, Pilates, yoga and alternative dance and body conditioning styles.

You'll also learn:

  • choreography
  • dance history
  • dance theory
  • dance and technology
  • integrated professional skills, including performance psychology, career development, marketing and grant writing.

This range of skills is highly sought in the industry, making you internationally competitive.

Get professional dance experience

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) lets you gain professional dance experience.

You'll be involved in at least one Australian or international tour where you can perform or participate in dance festivals, and you'll have secondment opportunities with major Australian dance companies and organisations.

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) lets you work in the dance industry in a  range of fields. You'll be involved in at least one Australian or international project where you'll work with professionals in a variety of dance settings, including the community, dance education and performance environments.

In both courses, you can access professional networks, work with internationally-recognised dance specialists, and take part in international exchange programs.

Work in the arts

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) will prepare you for a non-performance-based career in an exciting range of dance professions.

Learn core theory and techniques

This course teaches the core techniques of dance and offers experience in a broad range of genres, including contemporary dance,  hip hop, ballet, jazz and yoga, as well as alternative dance styles from a diverse range of global cultures, including Latin dance.

When not in the studio, you'll study theoretical knowledge, involving analysing and reflecting on the mind and body in dance, dance history, choreographic practice and the roles of diverse styles in varied contexts.

Teach dance

This course prepares you for a successful career as a dance teacher in a range of organisations, including private studios, schools and professional dance companies.

If you wish to become a primary or secondary school dance teacher, you can supplement your dance studies with additional units that allow you to develop skills in a second teaching area. After completing your course, you can apply to continue into a graduate-entry teacher education course.

Become a choreographer

Develop your choreography skills to propel you into a successful career as a professional choreographer.

Work in arts management and community arts

Get the skills you need to work in a variety of dance-related roles in arts management and community arts projects.

Work in dance medicine and science

Explore the potential to work in the field of dance medicine and science, and move into areas like dance health. Become a dance practitioner who works in healthcare (like hospitals and aged care) or leads classes in the community (like dance groups for people with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's Disease).

Complete further training in psychology, exercise, nutrition science and other allied health fields to work in more specialised areas.

Learn from the best

Our dance courses are taught by internationally-recognised staff and visiting specialists. You'll also benefit from our partnerships with organisations like Expressions Dance Company, Queensland Ballet and the Royal Academy of Dance UK.

Pathways to postgraduate study

Turn your creative interests and professional expertise into a postgraduate research degree to master new techniques, skills and research methods. Complete your research as either a thesis or a practical industry-focused creative work, with a written component.

Career outcomes

Our graduates become:

  • professional performers
  • independent artists and practitioners
  • dance teachers in schools, private studios, universities and professional dance company education programs
  • choreographers
  • festival and community project directors and producers
  • arts and cultural advisers and administrators
  • creative curators
  • dance researchers and academics
  • dance journalists
  • dance health professionals (with further specialised training).

Our graduates of the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) are highly competitive and work as performing artists who practice throughout Australia and the world in:

  • major professional dance companies
  • independent dance projects
  • dance education organisations
  • musicals
  • commercial environments.

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