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If you are a trainee solicitor in a supervised workplace experience program (articles) you need to complete 90 hours of training in addition to your workplace training to satisfy the legal practitioner admissions rules. The Trainee Solicitor Program provides the required 90 hours of approved training.

You are able to enrol, pay for, and complete the majority of the training online any time of the year over a 12 month period.

Who should participate

Law graduates who are employed as trainee solicitors in supervised workplace experience programs (articles) and who need to complete supplementary training.



  • Online

Flexible - yes


You are able to enroll, pay for and complete the majority of the training online, any time of the year over a 12-month period.


The program is delivered via flexible online learning. Criminal law has a one day attendance component, but all the other units can be completed wholly online.


Trainee Solicitor Program (TSP)
  • $2,090 (GST exempt) includes the compulsory Ethics component, plus either 2 x 6 credit point 'elective' units or 1 x 12 credit point 'core' unit.
Supplementary training

You can register for supplementary training if your firm cannot provide training in all of the legislated areas of practice and you haven't covered them in your approved training.

  • $792 per 6 credit point unit (GST exempt)
  • $1,584 per 12 credit point unit (GST exempt)

Trainees are able to enrol, pay and complete the majority of the training online any time of the year over a 12 month period.


For further information about the course, contact the Legal Practice Unit.

For more information about registration or payments queries, contact the QUTeX team.

Registrations now open.

Law graduates who are completing Supervised Workplace Experience programs (formerly known as 'articles of clerkship') in law firms are required to complete 90 hours of approved training as a prerequisite for admission as a legal practitioner of the Supreme Court of Queensland (see rule 9 of the Supreme Court (Admission) Rules 2004).

QUT's Trainee Solicitor Program (TSP) provides approved training that incorporates your choice of either one core area of practice or two elective areas of practice. As you may know, your workplace training has to cover all the areas of practice set out in the Admission Rules. QUT's TSP program enables you to cover some of those areas as part of your approved training requirement. If you need to complete training in other practice areas that aren't covered in your workplace, we can help you by providing approved supplementary training in those areas.

QUT has been approved by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board to provide both approved training and supplementary training. Our training is provided online. You can commence training at any time you wish. While Criminal law has a one day attendance component, all the other units can be completed wholly on-line. You will complete each unit within a 6 month period from the commencement date, and will be provided with a suggested timetable to assist with time management. We provide high quality training backed by our extensive experience in training Queensland legal practitioners, our on-line delivery platform and our friendly and helpful staff.

Your choice of units

For the 90-hour Trainee Solicitor Program (TSP), you complete a compulsory ethics component. In addition you may choose one 12 credit point core unit or two 6 credit point elective units.

Core units (12 credit point units)

  • Litigation
  • Property
  • Commercial

Elective units (6 credit point units)

Choose two of the following:

  • Administrative Law
  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law (has a one-day attendance component)
  • Banking and Finance
  • Employment and Industrial law
  • Planning and Environment Law
  • Wills and Estates
  • Consumer Law.

In order to meet the Queensland admission requirements you must complete two elective areas, either as part of your training in the workplace or as part of your approved or supplementary training.

Trainees who are undertaking supplementary training may also choose from the units listed above in order to meet the list of workplace competencies that are required under the admissions legislation.


Registrations now open.


When you register for the course, you will create an account with us. You'll need to pay your fees online by credit or debit card.

You will be able to access your account, including your invoice, using your email address and password.

Access to online materials will be granted when fees are paid.

FEE-HELP and HECS-HELP are not available for Continuing Professional Education courses.


We will not accept registration cancellation unless it is made in writing to QUTeX.

Cancellation fees may apply.

We reserve the right to cancel the course should circumstances warrant, such as low registrations. In such event, you will be advised without delay and a full refund of fees will be paid. QUT is not responsible for any expenses you may have incurred if the course is cancelled.