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Our Enterprise Leadership Program (ELP) is designed to offer a flexible, work-based, blended learning program that develops leadership skills and supports career development within complex public and private sector environments. Through our partnerships with government departments and the corporate sector across industries, we keep up-to-date with current and emerging requirements and topics of interest, enabling us to tailor our content and learning design to meet current industry standards.

Within the ELP program framework, there are 14 modules for you to choose from. This allows the program to be highly customised to suit your needs. Your choice of modules may be based on either your interest in a particular subject matter or your decision to progress toward achieving a postgraduate qualification.

Who should participate

This program is designed for:

  • aspiring leaders
  • recently appointed leaders
  • leaders who want to develop and refresh their skills further in certain areas
  • leaders who want to work towards a related postgraduate qualification.

To foster cross-sector collaborations, workshops will be attended by both public and private sector participants and include case studies from both sectors.



QUT Executive Education Centre
B Block, Level 4
QUT Gardens Point
2 George St
Qld 4001


Module Pre-work starts Workshop dates
Leading self and others 7 February 2019 21 February, 26 March
Actioning strategic innovation13 February 201927 February, 27 March
Communicating for results30 May 201914 May, 11 June
Leading strategic initiatives1 May 201915 May, 12 June
Leading ethical systems11 June 201925 July, 22 August
Managing stakeholder relationships30 July 201913 August, 10 September
Leading self and others10 September 201924 September, 22 October
Actioning strategic innovation11 September 201925 September, 23 October
Making decisions with data25 September 20199 October, 6 November
Leading for high performance15 October 201929 October, 26 November

For a pdf version of the timetable please use the following link: 2019 ELP Timetable


All modules have an active learning component an optional award extension unit. Arrive at 8.30am for a 9am start. Classes run until 4.30pm.

Active learning module delivery

Each active learning module is delivered using a blend of learning techniques over 7 weeks. You will start with approximately 6 hours of online learning over a 2-week period. You then attend workshops, study online and work on a workplace project over a 5-week period, totalling 20 hours of learning. The face-to-face component of this 20 hours is 12 hours (2 days).

Award extension unit delivery

The award extension units are delivered online. For each unit, there are 2 assessments, a summative and a formative. Virtual classrooms are held by the facilitator during the unit.


  • Active learning module: $1,850 (GST exempt) per module
  • Award extension unit: $1,665 (GST exempt) per unit.

Fees include:

  • catering.

Advanced standing (credit) eligibility

Participating in this program gives you the option to continue your studies and pursue a Graduate Certificate in Business (Enterprise Leadership). In 2018, there will be a Graduate Certificate in Business available for corporate sector employees. The Graduate Certificate in Business pathways into our MBA and EMBA programs. Contact Enterprise Leadership Program enquiries for more information.


For more information, contact Enterprise Leadership Program enquiries.

For registration or payment queries, contact QUTeX.

Registrations open

During this course, you'll:

  • develop your knowledge and leadership skills across a number of core learning areas that are tailored specifically to complex public and private sector environments
  • learn flexibly in different environments, including online learning, face-to-face facilitated workshops and a group workplace project
  • establish strong professional networks and communities of practice which extend beyond your organisation or business unit.


We offer a range of modules, including:

  • Leading self and others
  • Actioning strategic innovation
  • Communicating for results
  • Leading ethical systems
  • Stewarding public funds
  • Leading strategic initiatives
  • Delivering complex policy
  • Managing stakeholder relationships
  • Managing sourcing and contracting
  • Managing strategic risk
  • Leading in the government context
  • Making decisions with data
  • Managing talent and succession
  • Leading for high performance.

Some modules will only be offered if we receive sufficient registered interest. For further information, or to register your interest, contact Enterprise Leadership Program enquiries.

Leading self and others

Identify your strengths, weaknesses and preferences as a leader, and develop skills in practices for a strong and effective team and organisation.

Actioning strategic innovation

Master a methodology for bringing to life an idea for doing things differently and adding more value to the enterprise. You'll be taken through an immersive process of problem definition, idea generation and evaluation, pitching an idea for innovation and planning for implementation and benefits realisation.

Communicating for results

Build essential workplace communication skills, including written work and interpersonal communication.

Leading ethical systems

Understand ethical conduct in organisations and institutions as a product of the context in which people operate. Develop leadership skills in building a culture that minimises the risk of unethical conduct.

Stewarding public funds

Build skills required to make decisions about the financial operations of public sector organisations.

Leading strategic initiatives

Develop skills in the leadership elements of major change projects and programs, including designing, planning, stakeholder engagement, implementation and benefits realisation.

Delivering complex policy

Develop policy development skills, including logic and analysis, tools, stakeholder engagement, implementation and evaluation in complex, pluralistic and contested environments.

Managing stakeholder relationships

Build skills for productive stakeholder relationships to achieve desired mutual outcomes.

Managing sourcing and contracting

Build skills in structuring and managing contracts for major projects and building contracting capability in organisations.

Managing strategic risk

Build skills in evaluating and managing risk in complex project management environments.

Leading in the government context

Understand the norms and institutions which guide political life in Australia, and how this impacts on your work in or with public sector agencies and their leaders.

Making decisions with data

Build skills in using data and analytics to help leaders make effective decisions

Managing talent and succession

Build skills in enterprise talent management including strategies of attraction, recruitment, performance leadership, recognition and retention.

Leading for high performance

Build leadership skills for a high performance culture, including positive psychology, high performance teams, coaching, difficult conversations, providing recognition and feedback, and enabling learning and adaption.


Registrations open

Register your interest for award extension units

Once you've completed an active learning module in the Enterprise Leadership Program, and you meet the eligibility criteria for award courses, you can register your interest in the corresponding award extension unit. When you successfully complete four modules and their corresponding award extension units, you'll gain a Graduate Certificate in Business (Enterprise Leadership).

The four modules you complete must include the two core modules:

  • Leading self and others
  • Actioning strategic innovation.

You'll need to register your interest for your chosen units. When we reach minimum numbers for units, we will contact you with dates and enrolment instructions.

Register your interest for award extension units by emailing Enterprise Leadership Program enquiries.


To cancel your registration, you must apply in writing to the course manager at QUTex.

If you cancel at least 10 business days before the course commences, you will receive a partial refund, i.e.: the full fee less $100 administration fee. Or you may choose to transfer to another module within the calendar year.

No registration refunds will be made within 10 business days of the course starting.

We reserve the right to cancel the course under certain circumstances, such as low registration numbers. If this happens, we will advise you as soon as possible and give you a full refund. We are not responsible for any expenses you may have incurred if the course is cancelled.