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Of the 13,670 schools offering business programs worldwide, QUT is one of only three Australian business schools to be awarded triple international accreditation

AACSB Accredited

Why choose PSMP?

Delivered by QUTeX, PSMP brings together knowledge from across the whole university to help you and your organisation upskill and stay relevant.

We understand you

Fly higher in the public sector by enhancing your leadership and management skills that will boost your career opportunities in management roles. Earn an internationally recognised Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Sector Management).

We fit around your schedule

Flexible, dynamic delivery to suit you. Our program runs across four units over 12-15 months with minimal disruption to your workplace. PSMP blends academic theory with hands-on, practical learning to arm you with the skills to help you elevate your career.

We understand the public sector

PSMP has a 30+ year track record of success in delivering a relevant curriculum to help develop confidence to make a difference.

We have a true understanding of the public sector, and help you connect and build networks with local, state and Commonwealth government and NGOs in your state or territory.

Blended or virtual delivery

The PSMP is also available virtually for increased accessibility and flexibility, with the same real-world focus and supportive learning experience that the program is renowned for.

  • Virtual: Quality online learning at a schedule date and time, in a virtual classroom.
  • Blended: Quality learning delivered face-to-face in a physical classroom environment and enriched with technology and digital design.

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Diagram showing the benefits of the PSPM program to yourself and your employer, described in detail below.

PSMP offers significant benefits to both you and your employer:

  • Dynamic - Balances academic theory with hands-on, practical learning.
  • High-impact - Practical and theoretical learnings to give you confidence.
  • Recognised - 30-year track record of shaping leaders.
  • Accessible - Flexible and online delivery to suit you.

Flexible payment options

Several government departments and agencies have a centrally funded pool of places for which you can apply directly for. Alternatively, you can apply with the financial support of your supervisor or another area of your department or agency. Departments and agencies now have the option to pay fees in full at course commencement or pay the unit cost at the commencement of each unit. Please contact us to find out if your agency provides central funding.

Students also have the option to pay their own fees, charged at the commencement of each unit. This independent payment facility is not offered to staff of the Northern Territory Government. Students who opt to pay their own fees may not have to pay anything upfront if they are eligible for a FEE-HELP loan. Note that employer authorisation to participate in the course is still required.


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Blended or virtual delivery

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