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Past event: Build Brains Better

This presentation, Build Brains Better: Science-Inspired Investing for Brain Health and Skills for the Future by Dr Harris A. Eyre MBBS, outlined new approaches to building brains better at global, national, state and regional levels, and the implications of the emerging ‘brain capital’ paradigm.

Held on: Wednesday, 10 November 2021: see the video here

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Technology is changing how we think, work and live. QUTeX's Real World Futures program keeps track of what this means.

What is Real World Futures?

future thinking

Future thinking

Thought and creativity will become the individual’s most important assets as technology shapes a future with new ways of working, playing and connecting...

future working

Future working

Digital tools and machines will replace many process jobs over the next decade. They will create both efficiency and dislocation, requiring businesses and employees to think differently ...

future living

Future living

The connected society is already changing the way we work and relate to each other. The latest mobile devices put what we once would have called a supercomputer in every pocket or handbag...

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