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  • Module Plus - Teaching phonics in early childhood

    Apply play-based strategies to develop young children’s oral language and phonological and phonemic awareness.

  • Module Plus - Inclusive education: Core concepts and essential knowledge

    Demonstrate your understanding of the history of and concepts underpinning inclusive education, and how these relate to educators’ obligations under international human rights law and Australian legislation.

  • Financial Literacy for Public Sector Business Managers

    How to read, analyse and interpret financial information and assist in future decision-making.

  • Disaster planning and preparedness

    This course examines how communities and organisations develop and implement policy for disaster management.

  • Module Plus - Bullying in Schools: What can teachers do?

    Review and refine your school policy and procedures on bullying prevention.

  • Module Plus - Creating apps in the classroom

    Design and build an educational app to meet your students’ needs and evaluate its use in your classroom.

  • Building Resilience in an Uncertain World

    Thrive in challenging situations, curb stress and improve your performance by building personal resilience in the workplace.

  • Enterprise Leadership: Managing Stakeholder Relationships

    Upskill to foster productive stakeholder relationships which mitigate risks, align business goals and achieve mutually beneficial results.

  • Maximising your influence as a leader

    Grow your existing capabilities to unmask your leadership potential and manage with influence.

  • Module Plus - Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

    Draw from your understanding of the characteristics of the autism spectrum and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to develop a plan using inclusive strategies for learners on the autism spectrum.

  • Module Plus - Teaching probability and stats: Middle years

    Produce a classroom-ready activity and professional plan for teaching an aspect of probability or statistics.

  • Transformational Leadership and Workforce Change

    Keeping up with today's fast-paced world and balancing competing priorities while managing staff is a struggle experienced by many leaders in today's workplace. Explore new ways of working and supercharge your leadership skills to reduce fatigue and create meaningful change in your organisation.

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