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  • Bullying in schools: What can teachers do?

    Find out how to avoid the common issues that can undermine the success of your school’s prevention of bullying policy. Learn what you can do to minimise bullying behaviour in your classroom, school and community.

  • Creating apps in the classroom

    Build an app customised to the learning needs of your students.

  • Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

    Explore characteristics of learners on the autism spectrum and discover how to apply universal evidence-based strategies to support their learning in inclusive education environments.

  • Teaching Probability and Stats: Middle Years

    Build on your knowledge as an educator and learn the best strategies for teaching probability and statistics to high school students.

  • Enterprise Leadership: Leading Strategic Initiatives

    Expand your leadership capabilities to expertly deliver major change projects and successfully implement new initiatives in your organisation.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    Bolster your decision making and streamline your business processes with the Lean Six Sigma DMAIC approach.

  • Using Influence to be an Effective Negotiator

    Whether it is your boss, a colleague in another team, stakeholder, customer, or a team member, learning to negotiate with influence is important to your success and career.

  • Creating Publications That Cut Through and Inspire Action

    Learn how to produce publications that your stakeholders will actually enjoy.

  • Enterprise Leadership: Managing Talent and Succession

    Plan for the workforce of the future and develop your skills to attract top talent.

  • Module Plus - Teaching Students Who Have Suffered Complex Trauma

    Produce an action plan to use trauma-informed practices to support students, your colleagues and your school.

  • Module Plus – Innovative thinking for teachers and school leaders

    Apply an entrepreneurial thinking framework to bring to life an idea that will add value to your school or classroom.

  • Leadership in the Digital Age

    Bolster your leadership capabilities to take advantage of today's opportunity-rich digital environment.

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