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  • Enterprise Leadership

    QUT’s Enterprise Leadership provides a flexible pathway for managers and aspiring senior leaders to develop the confidence, frameworks and capability to understand complex environments and lead successful business outcomes.

  • QUTeX Fundamentals: Information Technology

    This unit aims to provide the foundation knowledge of contemporary Information Technology

  • Trainee Solicitors Program (TSP) and Supplementary Training

    Set yourself up for success and excel in QUTeX Trainee Solicitors Program for admission to the Supreme Court of Queensland as a legal practitioner. Complete your 90 hours of approved training or fill gaps in your workplace training with supplementary training.

  • Cyber Security for Non-Cyber Professionals

    This course will provide the knowledge and skills for non-cyber professionals to understand and manage for cyber risks and will provide practical measures to protect organisational assets.

  • Strategic IT-Enabled Innovation

    This course is a transformational program that provides the basis for participants to develop skills and knowledge to design, deliver and implement high-value strategic IT-enabled business innovations that has a customer-centric focus.

  • Activate: Transformation eXcelerator

    A revolutionary experience for highly motivated and courageous business leaders looking to re-orient and transform their businesses and organisations.

  • QUTeX Fundamentals: Managing People

    The unit will develop your understanding of what managing people is all about.

  • QUTeX Fundamentals: Information Technology: Artificial Intelligence

    This unit is designed to investigate the methods of making computers more ‘intelligent’.

  • Postgraduate Electricity Supply Training Course (PESTC)

    These courses have been specifically designed to provide the underpinning skills and knowledge that have been identified in the competency standards for electricity supply engineers.

  • Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation: An introduction

    Learn how to use simple rhythm and movement activities to support positive behaviour for children aged 3-6 years.

  • CT Anatomy for Radiation Therapy

    Re-familiarise yourself with CT image production and confidently interpret CT anatomy for a range of anatomical sites.

  • The Enterprise Transformation Equation Series

    Organisational transformation is complex and demanding, but with focused leadership, clear rationale for change, a strong “why”, and the agility to deal with the unexpected, it can be achieved.

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