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  • PESTC: Power System Load Flow Analysis (EEP204)

    This unit recognises that load flow analysis forms the basis of other power system analysis studies.

  • QUTeX Real World Futures

    #futurethinking #futureworking #futureliving

  • PESTC: Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Plant (EEP203)

    Upgrade your capability to assess and monitor the condition of High Voltage plants by examining the latest knowledge on plant ageing, degradation, and electrical insulation materials.

  • PESTC: Power and Distribution Transformers (EEP219)

    This course covers the basics of transformer design, construction and testing found in electric power transmission and distribution substations.

  • PESTC: Overhead Line Design - Mechanical (EEP217)

    The unit will step through the Overhead line design process; in particular how the electrical, mechanical and structural aspects of design are combined to produce a sound engineering system.

  • PESTC: Advanced Power System Protection (EEP212)

    Expand your expertise and deep dive into the sophisticated protection systems required to deliver safe and reliable electricity generation, transmission, and distribution with our comprehensive program.

  • PESTC: Power System Fault Calculations (EEP205)

    Understand the ratings specifications of plant and equipment, and how to apply this in the design of earthing layouts and electrical protection relays.

  • PESTC: Introduction to Substation Design (EEP245)

    Cement your understanding of the complex substation design process and brush up on your power system load flow analysis. Be guided through the design of a substation from site selection to development, commissioning, and operational requirements.

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