Using Influence to be an Effective Negotiator

Whether it is your boss, a colleague in another team, stakeholder, customer, or a team member, learning to negotiate with influence is important to your success and career.

Your expert facilitator Dr Tim Baker & Rachel Collis

Dr Tim Baker

Dr Baker is a successful author, international consultant, and thought leader. Tim has worked with some of the largest multinationals and public sector agencies globally. In 2013, Tim was voted one of the 50 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders by the World HRD Congress. In 2018, he was a Finalist in the Learning Professional of the Year for the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning Professionals Awards. Tim has been recently listed in the Top 10 Change Management Consulting Service Companies in APAC 2020 (HR Tech Outlook). He is a longstanding Member of QUT Council

Rachel Collis

Rachel is an experienced executive and leadership coach. She taught negotiation skills on the EMBA program at QUT Graduate School of Business for over a decade. She has also coached many leaders through thousands of negotiations. Rachel draws on both her background as a psychotherapist and psychiatrist and her extensive experience as an executive coach to provide effective strategies based on an understanding of human psychology.