Module Plus - Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

Draw from your understanding of the characteristics of the autism spectrum and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to develop a plan using inclusive strategies for learners on the autism spectrum.

Your expert facilitators Dr Beth Saggers & Dr Sofia Mavropoulou

Dr Beth Saggers is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at QUT. She has over 30 years of practical teaching and research experience working with students on the autism spectrum, educators and families, and is an active research participate in the national cooperative research centre for autism. Dr Saggers has worked with students in all phases of schooling, across a diverse range of educational settings and has extensive experience in working with students with challenging behaviours. Click here for more information on Dr Beth Saggers.

Dr Sofia Mavropoulou is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education. She has extensive experience collaborating with teachers and parents to create autism-friendly inclusive environments for individuals with autism across different ages. Sofia’s research is focused on the application of educational strategies to support learners with autism in inclusive contexts. Click here for more information on Dr Sofia Mavropoulou.