Enterprise Leadership: Leading Ethical Organisations

Harness your leadership potential to build a positive culture with ethical conduct in your workplace.
QUT EX course facilitator

Your expert facilitator Dr Alistair Ping

Dr Alistair Ping is the Colin Brain Governance Fellow at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and was previously awarded the 2002 Coral Sea Scholarship from the Fulbright Foundation to study corporate social responsibility trends in the USA. He has worked as a corporate consultant, trainer and executive coach in Australia, the UK, USA and Africa and is the author of eight books including a trilogy of personal development books that are sold around the world and have been translated into 11 different languages as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles. His current research draws on the inter-disciplinary fields of moral philosophy, criminology, social psychology and neuro-cognitive science to address the question of 'Why Good People Do Bad Things?'.