CARRS-Q Road Safety: Investigation and Treatment of Crash Locations

Develop your skills in road safety and injury prevention interventions.

Your expert facilitators Professor Shimul Haque, Associate Professor Mark King & Etiene La Grange

Professor Shimul Haque
Shimul has over a decade of research experience in traffic safety analysis, blackspot identification, travel behaviour, and human factors and driving behaviour.

He is a highly trained road safety auditor in both Queensland and Singapore, having been accredited since 2010. He also has experience in delivering various road safety courses and workshops to road safety professionals in developing countries.

Associate Professor Mark King
Mark is the Education & International Development Coordinator and Deputy Director at CARRS-Q, and has extensive experience working in government and road safety policy and research at Federal and State levels. He has developed and delivered customised courses for road safety professionals both within Australia and internationally.

Mark is Chair of the Queensland Chapter of the Australasian College of Road Safety.

Etiene La Grange
As Senior Traffic and Safety Engineer with the NZ Transport Agency, and previous experience in state and local road authorities, tertiary educational institutions, consultancies and contractors, Etiene has amassed nearly 25 years in the road safety sector.

Etiene’s specialist expertise includes traffic and road safety engineering, crash reduction studies and black spot investigations, feasibility studies and development of State and Federal project submissions and road safety auditing.

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