Enterprise Leadership: Actioning Strategic Innovation

Add value to your enterprise by constructing a toolkit to cultivate a habitual culture of innovation.
QUT EX course facilitator

Your expert facilitator Tim Stevenson

Naturally inquisitive about how things work, Tim looks for solutions to problems around him and opportunities to explore. His career has grown from designing objects and buildings to experiences and business models. Tim now enjoys teaching others the principles, methodologies and tools of Design Thinking while he continues to apply these in property development and coaching roles.

Consulting to government and large organisations has confirmed Tim’s belief in the power that Design Thinking can bring to business strategy and process. It also has deepened his believe that Design Thinking is difficult to ‘buy-in’, and the greatest benefits are achieved through not only problem solving and opportunity exploration, but through cultural change which evolves the way organisations see problems and opportunities and hence changes the way the try to solve and explore them.

Tim’s passion is to open the design pathway to as many people as he can to scale the impact that Human Centered Design has on our world.

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