First published 8 April 2021

Students in Year 11 or 12 who have a university course in mind but didn't choose the prerequisite or assumed knowledge subjects at school can gain this knowledge through a bridging course before they start university. 

QUT offers bridging courses in Mathematical Methods, Chemistry and Physics. 

For most courses, QUT has an assumed knowledge scheme. This means that we don’t use specific school subjects as entry criteria for our courses; however we assume students have this knowledge when they study with us. Students may struggle with their studies if they don’t have the assumed knowledge. We strongly recommend completing a bridging course through QUT or other recognised providers.

Our Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours) courses have prerequisite subjects that you must have studied in order to gain entry to the course. 

To find the assumed knowledge or prerequisite subjects, check the online course information on the QUT study website.

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