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Module Plus - Teaching Students Who Have Suffered Complex Trauma

Apply your knowledge and understanding of trauma-informed practices to create an action plan for supporting a child or student who has experienced complex trauma. You will evaluate your school's behaviour management policy with the view to encouraging a trauma-aware approach and recommend how staff could develop their awareness of trauma-aware schooling.

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Trainee Solicitors Program (TSP) and Supplementary Training

QUT's Trainee Solicitor Program (TSP) provides approved training that incorporates your choice of either one core area of practice or two elective areas of practice. As you may know, your workplace training has to cover all the areas of practice set out in the Admission Rules. QUT's TSP program enables you to cover some of those areas as part of your approved training requirement. If you need to complete training in other practice areas that aren't covered in your workplace, we can help you by providing approved supplementary training in those areas.QUT has been approved by the Legal Practitioners Admissions Board to provide both approved training and supplementary training. Our training is provided online. You can commence training at any time you wish. While Criminal law has a one day attendance component, all the other units can be completed wholly on-line. You will complete each unit within a 6 month period from the commencement date, and will be provided with a suggested timetable to assist with time management. We provide high quality training backed by our extensive experience in training Queensland legal practitioners, our on-line delivery platform and our friendly and helpful staff.

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Module Plus - Creating apps in the classroom

You will apply your knowledge and skills to build an app and prepare a curriculum or lesson plan explaining how you will implement it in your educational context. After conducting the learning experience, you will evaluate it by gathering feedback from your students and reflecting on what you have learned before documenting your recommendations.

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Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

This module will cover the characteristics of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum and appropriate universal teaching strategies in a range of inclusive education environments (e.g. early childhood and care settings, primary school, middle years and senior years). You’ll learn how to apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a strategy to help children and adolescents on the autism spectrum improve their participation, engagement and achievement in inclusive education environments.

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Module Plus - Inclusive education: Core concepts and essential knowledge

Apply your knowledge of inclusive education history, concepts and legal obligations. Through this assessment module, you will expand and share your knowledge to help others understand what inclusion is and how it differs from integration, segregated special education and exclusion. You will also analyse and discuss educators’ legal obligations to support students with a disability.

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Module Plus - Inclusive strategies for the autism spectrum

Through this assessment module, you will expand your knowledge of how to support the inclusion of children and adolescents on the autism spectrum in your field of practice. You will analyse potential barriers in your context and apply appropriate universal teaching strategies to eliminate these barriers to strengthen the engagement and participation of learners with autism.

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