How our research is making a difference

We work with government and industry to improve laws and policy. We're cutting red tape and solving complex problems.

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End of life law reforms

The research of Professors Ben White and Lindy Willmott led to legal reforms and new resources that are helping doctors and families navigate the difficult decisions when a patient is at the end of life.

A new beginning for end of life law

Preventing violence

Domestic and sexual violence are deep-rooted problems in our community. Associate Professor Michael Flood is working to stop the violence before it occurs.

Safer mining towns

Professor Kerry Carrington's research exposed the devastating effects of fly-in, fly-out practices in mining towns, resulting in a ban on 100% FIFO operations in Queensland.

Dark side of the boom

Protecting children

Professor Ben Mathews' work has influenced reforms that enable more child abuse victims to seek justice. He also championed stronger reporting law to protect children in childcare centres.

A voice for the vulnerable

Property law modernisation

Professor Sharon Christensen and Adjunct Professor Bill Duncan have modernised property laws in Queensland for the online generation. Buying and selling real estate is now quicker, cheaper and more secure.

Making moves in real estate