Student support and orientation

Language and learning services

We provide specialised education programs and individual support for academic writing and communication, and English language development.

If you need help learning to speak, write or interact more confidently, clearly and effectively, we hold workshops, small group sessions, one-on-one consultations, and writing groups.

Accommodation services

We can help you find your accommodation when you first arrive in Brisbane, and any time that you want to move. We can also help connect you with a homestay if you want to live with an Australian family.

Join our international community

Our International Student Services team organise short trips and weekend activities for international students, so you can see Australia and make friends with other international students.

Our East-West program promotes cultural diversity and intercultural communication on campus, with social activities, cultural events and group trips.

The QUT Guild runs student clubs and societies, as well as social sport, so you can meet and connect with like-minded students.

Advice and counselling

If you are having problems, we have a free, confidential counselling service for all our international students.

Employment support

You might choose to work part-time while studying to help balance your finances.

Our careers and employment service has information and workshops to help you find a job, write your resume, build job-searching skill and perform in interviews.

The QUT Guild advertises available jobs that are ideal for students.

Health services

We have free or discounted health services on campus for our students, including doctors, podiatrists and optometrists. Consultations might also be covered by your Overseas Student Health Cover.

Financial and legal help

We have support services to help you with transferring money, balancing your finances, and helping you with any money problems you are having.

We also have a legal support service if you ever have a legal problem while you are studying with us.

Religious support

Brisbane is a diverse community, with religious groups for a wide range of backgrounds. Some religious groups are represented on campus. Our chaplaincy service is available to students from all religions, and can help you get in contact with religious groups in the community.

Disability services

We support students with a disability, injury or health condition by providing the necessary services to help you manage study, travel around campus, and complete professional placements in your course.

Family support

If your family has come to Brisbane with you, they will also need support getting established in the community. We have international men's and women's groups that you and your partner can join to help your whole family settle in to living in Brisbane.


Orientation is held a week or two before classes start, and is a great opportunity to meet your fellow students, get to know your support staff, and find your way around campus. Orientation week has a combination of information sessions and fun social activities, and is the perfect welcome to life at QUT.

You'll find out more about orientation once you have been offered a place at QUT.


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