Special requirements

We make every effort to support special requirements of all IELTS test candidates.

If you need a modified version of the test, you must apply three months before the test date to make sure that we can prepare the test to meet your needs.

If you need special administrative arrangements, you must notify us at least six weeks before your test.

You must:

  • provide details of your special requirements on your application form
  • submit relevant original supporting documents detailing your special requirements.

All special requirements are subject to approval.

Visual difficulties

We can arrange for large print and Braille exam papers.

During the test, you will be able to record your answers via an amanuensis (person who writes down your answers) or a Braille machine.

You can also apply for additional time for your test.

Hearing difficulties

If you have partial hearing loss and need headphones or special amplification equipment (reader), you can use this equipment during the listening module of your test.

Learning difficulties

If you have dyslexia or a similar condition, you can request extra time for your test.


IELTS test centre

  • Postal address:
    QUT IELTS test centre - QUT International College
    P Block, QUT Kelvin Grove, Victoria Park Road
    Kelvin Grove, QLD, 4059