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Whether you are looking for a quick chat or need some assistance to plan your semester, success coaches will work to help you set and achieve you goals and will follow up with you to ensure you are staying on track. You can attend a coaching session by email, phone or Zoom.

Learning online will be a different experience to learning on campus, and can be a mind shift as much as a shift to your physical location. You can access free, professional and confidential wellbeing and career support.

Orientation will introduce you to study life at QUT and specialist learning advisors are ready to lend a hand.

One-on-one support to help you reach your goals.

QUT Business School

You'll receive a personalised study plan after you receive you offer to make sure your studies keep on track.

You can also get help with you Business units from experienced student learning advisors. They will understand your concerns and questions because they have been there too.

QUT College

QUT College has been teaching English to international students for over 30 years.

You will receive personalised support to enrol in units and register for classes. You will have access to dedicated advisors to support you with your learning journey and wellbeing so that you can focus on your education.

Frequently asked questions

Study options

Get answers to common questions about starting your degree online as an International student at QUT. Have a question that isn't covered below? Send us an enquiry and we would be happy to help further.

How does the QUT Summer Semester work?

When you begin your degree in October or November you will study up to four units during your first semester. We call this semester 'Summer Semester' because it takes place during Australia's summer.

There are two periods during Summer Semester called Summer 1 and Summer 2. You will study one or two intensive units during each period which means you may attend classes more than once per week. You should check your timetable when you enrol into classes.

When does the Summer Semester begin?

Depending on what you study, the Summer Semester will start in either October or November. Your official start date will be listed on your QUT offer letter.

October start
November start

Please check the commencement dates for QUT College English language programs as they can be different to the start dates listed above.

If you are studying the Graduate Certificate in Communication program you will commence your two communication units in October then the two discipline units in November.

Which courses can I study with Summer 2020 entry?

You can study in the QUT Business School or the QUT College for Summer 2020 entry. You can study:

QUT Business School

If you are commencing the Advertising or Public Relations discipline, you will commence studying the elective units from your degree.

QUT College

What if I don't meet the entry requirements?

The QUT College offers a variety of pathway programs into QUT Business degrees for students who do not meet the English language or academic entry requirements. When you apply for a QUT Business course we will assess your eligibility, and if you require a pathway program we will create a packaged offer which will include the best pathway for you to achieve academic success.

How does online learning work at QUT?

Lectures through Echo360

Your lectures are where you will be taught the course content and will be live-streamed and recorded through Echo360. Choose to join live or watch the recording after. You can even re-watch your lectures at you own pace to pick up on anything you may have missed.

Tutorials and workshops through Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Tune in to your tutorials live to discuss content with your teaches and peers and to ask questions about the course content. You can also watch and re-watch the recording later on.

Study through Blackboard and the QUT Library

Blackboard is your go-to for course materials, assessment information, discussion boards, required readings and contact information for your teachers. You can access journals and tips for researching and referencing through the QUT Library.

Australian travel restrictions are still in place. Can I start my QUT degree from my home country in Summer?

If you are studying Business or at the QUT College, you can start your degree from your home country in Summer 2020. Units are being delivered online and you will have access to all course content, including lectures, tutorials and required readings.

Once travel restrictions are lifted, and you can travel to Australia, you will be able to attend face-to-face classes which follow social distancing guidelines.

What will happen if I commence my studies online but the Australian Government lifts travel restrictions during the Summer 2020 semester?

If you have been studying online since the start of the semester, have a student visa to enter Australia, and the Australian border is reopened, you can travel to QUT and study on-campus.

Alternatively, you may choose to finish the semester online in your home country then plan to commence in person the following semester.

Will online learning impact on my ability to obtain a QUT qualification?

No, studying online will not impact your QUT College or Business qualification. QUT has enhanced its online delivery and our academic staff will provide you with dedicated support while you're studying in your home country.

Will I still be considered for QUT scholarships if I start in Summer 2020?

Yes, you will still be considered for the following scholarships if you start your studies in Summer 2020:

You will automatically be considered for these scholarships when you apply. For more information, please visit the Scholarship page.


Get answers to common questions about starting your degree online as an International student at QUT. Have a question that isn't covered below? Send us an enquiry and we would be happy to help further.

Should I attend Orientation?

Yes, you should attend the scheduled Orientation session. This will be held online in the week before classes begin and is your opportunity to learn important information, ask questions, and meet new people. We will send you details about Orientation and the link to register for the event via email.

The QUT College has its own Orientation for English and Diploma programs which QUT College students should attend.

What resources are available to support my online study?

We have many resources available to students to support online learning including coaching sessions, one-on-one consultations, academic workshops and self-help resources.

Live workshops

QUT College online classrooms use advanced digital learning technologies to optimise your learning experience. This includes interactive live video lectures where you can participate, ask your teacher questions, or chat with your classmates in group projects.

You can also participate in one-on-one online meetings with your teacher for extra English language or academic support and use your own virtual space to collaborate with your classmates.

You will also receive invitations to participate in online social and professional development events. You will enjoy the same contact hours, curriculum, assessment and support as if you were on campus.

Coaching sessions

In these sessions, the coach works one-on-one with you to develop a personalised learning plan that will meet your needs. This includes helping you to address any challenges you are facing and making sure that you are aware of the online support available.

One-on-one consultations

Our specialists are available for one-on-one consultations with students who would like some more in-depth study, language, career or learning support. They are available to assist you online or over the phone.

Self-help resources

We have a dedicated resource page to help you best use the learning resources and technologies for your online class activities. There are several self-help resources to help you keep on top of your work, stay connected to your teachers and peers, and to maintain your study-life balance.

You can read more about the available support for students.

What support services are available in the QUT Business School?

In addition to the above services, support for your academic success is directly embedded in your Business course and also available outside the classroom. From getting advice on assessment to practising your presentation skills and learning how to better manage your time, you will have free access to language, learning and study support - even while outside of Australia.

Student Learning Advisors (SLAs) are experienced students who offer peer support. They can help you with your course, assignment or exam preparation questions. As the SLAs are business students they will understand your concerns and questions. Available via email, phone or booking an online appointment via the Virtual Student Support desk.

Read more available support for Business students.

What personal support can I access while studying at QUT?

International Student Services

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your life, our counsellors and welfare officers can provide you with free, professional and confidential services to support you while you’re studying.


The main QUT Student Centre, known has HiQ, is the place to go for all general student services, technology support, library services and general enquiries.

QUT College support team

In addition to the above, QUT College students may access support for learning and personal wellbeing from our dedicated College support team.

How does QUT help me develop my career?

We can help you plan and manage your own career and help clarify your vision for the future through online resources and sessions. You can get assistance with job searching techniques, investigate career options and explore your employability through networking, resume writing and more. Read more about the career and employability support for students.


Get answers to common questions about starting your degree online as an International student at QUT. Have a question that isn't covered below? Send us an enquiry and we would be happy to help further.

If I am studying online do I need to wait for my visa to enrol into classes?

You don't have to wait until you receive your student visa before enrolling into your online units. It is highly recommended you apply for your student visa as soon as possible so that you are ready to depart for Australia once the border restrictions are lifted and to ensure your online study can contribute to your eligibility for a Post Study Work Visa.

I am still making up my mind, what is the last date to accept my offer?

If you are currently overseas the on-time acceptance closing date is also 1 week prior to the start of classes. This allows you time to access your online material and familiarise yourself with the QUT virtual learning platforms.

If you are currently onshore in Australia you may may need to request an extension to your current Australian student visa application onshore. The on-time acceptance closing date for onshore applicants is 1 week prior to the start of classes.

Email all your acceptance documents to

Does studying online affect my Confirmation of Enrolment or student visa?

Studying online will not affect your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or student visa so long as you remain enrolled internally as a full-time student.


Get answers to common questions about starting your degree online as an International student at QUT. Have a question that isn't covered below? Send us an enquiry and we would be happy to help further.

Do I enrol as an external or internal student?

You should enrol as an internal student. While you may begin your study off-campus, you are still considered an internal QUT student and will resume face to face studies when appropriate.

Which units are available during the Summer Semester?

All Business students will receive an individualised study plan once they have accepted their offer. The subject offerings over the Summer Semester is limited for each major and degree. to view the subject offerings, please refer to the course structure available on the course page.

  1. Select your course and choose your major
  2. Scroll to the 'Units and details' tab
  3. Select the 'Summer Semester (November) commencement' tab to view the available subjects

QUT College students will receive personalised enrolment and class registration assistance. QUT College students should please refer to the Diploma in Business for a list of study units and our English Programs for English language units available.

Will I receive a study plan so I know which subjects to enrol into?

All students commencing a Business degree will receive a personalised study plan. This will be sent to you once you have accepted your offer.

All students commencing at the QUT College will receive personalised enrolment and class registration assistance.

How many units should I study in the Summer Semester?

Students usually study 4 units each semester as this is the recommended full-time study load. It may be possible to study fewer units in Summer if you are studying online and are not in Australia.

If I don’t think I can manage a full-time study load. Can I study part-time?

The QUT Business School highly recommends you study 4 units each semester so you are still considered a full-time student. If you wish to study fewer than 4 units, you should discuss this with the QUT Business Student Support team.

The QUT Business Student Support team will provide you with personalised advice about how part-time will affect your study plan. A reduced study load will likely result in an extension to your studies which may require you to apply for a new student visa in the future.

I’m eligible for advanced standing (credit). Do I still have to study 4 units in this study period?

Yes, you should still study 4 units if you begin your QUT degree in Summer 2020 so that you are still considered a full-time student. This also ensures you will continue to meet any prerequisite study for future units.

It may be possible to study fewer units in Summer if you are studying online and are not in Australia. If you wish to study fewer than 4 units, you should discuss this with your faculty.

How do I enrol into my units at QUT?

You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to enrol once you have accepted your QUT offer. Until then, you can get an introduction to the process by watching our Enrolment, registration and orientation video guide.

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