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17 Oct 2018

AI Dugong Detector makes Google Challenge impact

Software using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect dugongs in aerial photographs has been developed by QUT computer engineer Dr Frederic Maire to help scientists monitor diminishing global seagrass meadows.

8 Oct 2018

Student digital smart tech measures up

A digital tape measure born from a desire by QUT engineering student Jake Dean to help a blind friend wanting to tackle home renovations is the Australian winner of the prestigious international design competition for students and recent graduates, the James Dyson Award.

4 Oct 2018

Pakistan, South Africa have environmental human rights. Why haven’t we?

Unlike 100 other countries, Australians cannot call government to account for human rights consequences of climate change inaction

1 Oct 2018

Time to act to reduce diabetes-related foot disease

Greater investment from governments, health professionals and researchers is needed to reduce costly and common diabetes-related foot disease (DFD), QUT Principal Research Fellow Dr Peter Lazzarini and co-authors write in the latest issue of the Medical Journal of Australia.