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#QUTGivingDay raises over $1.6 million

24-05-2018 QUT’s inaugural #QUTGivingDay has proven to be an enormous success, raising over $1.6 million to support over 20 of QUT’s vital projects.

International award for QUT Head of Nursing

22-05-2018 QUT’s Professor Patsy Yates has become the first researcher from outside of North America to receive the prestigious Distinguished Researcher award from the international Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).

QUT scientist joins nation’s most distinguished

22-05-2018 QUT mathematical and statistical scientist Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen has been named a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, joining the ranks of the nation's most distinguished scientists. 

#QUTGivingDay to unlock extra $500,000

16-05-2018 QUT’s inaugural #QUTGivingDay enables anyone to support many vital projects from helping to save the Great Barrier Reef to supporting students in financial hardship.

Robots get a grip on Brisbane

15-05-2018 The world’s biggest robotics conference comes to town .. plus metal mayhem as the bots do battle .. and human teams go head-to-head to begin solving one of the greatest gripes for households everywhere.

QUT breakthrough holds promise of longer, healthier life

14-05-2018 QUT researchers have developed a new drug that has the potential to dramatically slow the ageing process and delay, or even prevent, major diseases in humans, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes and arthritis.

QUT Robot Academy marks online success

11-05-2018 The QUT Robot Academy is celebrating its first birthday with its own impressive data set.

Discovered one day .. extinct the next? Suicidally-sexed marsupials listed as Endangered

11-05-2018 Two small marsupial species, made famous for their suicidal mating habits, have been officially placed on Australia’s Endangered list, following their discovery by a QUT mammalogist.

QUT eSports Tigers aim to rule the Rift

10-05-2018 QUT students are revving up their APMs and have their eyes firmly on ruling the Rift as tonight they become the first university eSports team to enter the League of Legends Oceanic Challenger Series (OCS).

QUT joins fight to save wombats

03-05-2018 Australian wombats are in grave danger, especially the bare-nosed variety found in NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania, but a new QUT Design Lab project hopes to reverse the threat of their extinction.


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