In Brisbane, most students live in shared accommodation. There are several excellent complexes located very close to our campuses. Types of accommodation include:

Student complexes

Student-only apartments with shared living and entertainment areas are a popular option for students, especially during their first year of study.


Live with an Australian family, who will provide you with meals, a furnished bedroom, and a great opportunity for language and culture exchange.

Rental properties

Units, flats, apartments, houses and townhouses can be rented by students in Brisbane. Rental properties are often the cheapest accommodation option.

Temporary accommodation

There are several temporary accommodation options close to the city and our campuses.

Residential colleges

Residential colleges provide meals and are run with a strong community spirit. Students who live in colleges often spend a lot of time with their fellow college members.

Several Brisbane colleges run by external providers offer select places to QUT students. If you have special accommodation needs, contact QUT's Accommodation Services for more information.

Accommodation support

When you arrive in Brisbane, Accommodation Services can provide advice and transport for you when inspecting accommodation. If you are not sure what type of accommodation to choose, you can contact one of our Accommodation Officers. They can let you know what accommodation is available, and can also put you in touch with other students who may be looking for similar accommodation. The Accommodation Service can also liaise with landlords and real estate agents on your behalf. Together with Student Support Services, they can provide assistance to students on any tenancy issues. Find more information in the Accommodation guide.

You can also find important information about the following relating to moving into a rental property.


Accommodation Services

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