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Head of School

Professor Lisa Nissen is an experienced pharmacy practitioner, researcher and educator having worked in hospital and community pharmacy in metropolitan and rural areas. Her focus is on improving the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM) in the wider community and across the healthcare continuum, with a focus on health service development and factors that influence the prescribing of medicines.

Lisa is a strong believer in the benefits that multidisciplinary healthcare teams can bring to patient care. She takes this passion into the classroom, with a commitment to the development and implementation of innovative inter-professional education for health students.

Senior management team

Partnership appointments

  • Professor Katie McMahon: Deputy Director of Herston Imaging Research Facility (HIRF)
  • Professor Michael Schuetz: Director & Chair, Jamieson Trauma Institute
  • Professor Kevin Laupland: Professor of Intensive Care and Director of Research, Intensive Care Services

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Interprofessional Education

Clinical Sciences research staff

Honorary appointments

Adjunct Professors

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Clinical Associate Professors

  • Dr Elizabeth Brown
  • Dr Andrew Hale
  • Ms Liza-Jane McBride
  • Mrs Debbie Rigby

Clinical Associates

  • Mr Mark Egan
  • Ms Rhiannon Kearney

Clinical Fellows

  • Ms Bonita Anderson
  • Ms Amy Brown
  • Mr Chris Campbell
  • Ms Katheryn Churcher
  • Mrs Carolyn Clementson
  • Ms Anne Connell
  • Mr Tim Deegan
  • Dr Karen Dobeli
  • Ms Katherine Hall
  • Ms Karen Love
  • Dr Elaine Lum
  • Mr Jason McLellan
  • Mr Michael Neep
  • Ms Nikki Newman
  • Ms Katrina O’Keefe
  • Mr Tristan Reddan
  • Lt Shreyans Shah
  • Mr Tom Steffens
  • Ms Kate Stewart
  • Mrs Bridget Totterman
  • Ms Allison Vautin
  • Mrs Amy Woodward

Industry Fellows

  • Mr Robert Allen
  • Mr Simon Ball
  • Dr Nadia Barozzi
  • Ms Lyn Baucia
  • Dr Angelo De Gioannis
  • Ms Leanne Elich
  • Dr Stefanie Hennig
  • Ms Adrienne Josefski
  • Mrs Brooke Katsanevas
  • Mr Wayne Loudon
  • Dr Brett MacFarlane
  • Mrs Sharon Millhouse
  • Dr Abdur Rashid
  • Dr Matthew Twining
  • Dr Sarah Willis
  • Dr Robert Zietal