Centre for Immunology and Infection Control

Integrating high-quality academic discovery with industry to address key global health challenges in immunology and infectious diseases.

Our research themes


Vaccine development requires a deep understanding of the immune mechanisms required to protect against an increasing range of infectious agents, both existing and emerging. Immune dysfunction, causing chronic inflammation and immunopathology contributes to conditions as diverse as infertility, allergy and autoimmunity. These conditions are increasingly associated with a western lifestyle and an aging population. We aim to find better solutions for early detection, prevention and treatment of infections and inflammatory disease through a greater understanding of basic immunology.

Infection Control

The development of improved prevention and treatment therapies against infectious agents requires not only an understanding of immune mechanisms, but also a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of bacterial and viral pathogenesis, antimicrobial drug resistance and the interactions between pathogen, host and the microbiome.  We are committed to the development of precision infection diagnostics, therapeutics and improved drug delivery systems in order to meet the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance, and change the way we prevent and treat infections.

Environmental Exposure and Control

In addition to patient-centric strategies focused in microbial pathogenesis and immune mechanisms, a reduction in diseases due to allergens and infectious agents requires population-based control measures. We are developing early warning systems for airborne allergen exposure and modelling the threat of expanding and emerging vector-borne viral infections. Community and hospital exposure to antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses remain a constant threat to public health, so we are also working towards reducing transmission of these pathogens through novel engineering controls and improved medical devices.

Theme D

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