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Rhys Daley, 5 March, 2022

Rhys Daley shares his experiences studying paramedic science.

I chose to study paramedic science because I grew up doing life-saving and working as a lifeguard. I have responded to situations where paramedics were needed. I enjoy helping people and want to up-skill myself so one day I could have a job as a paramedic.

The highlights of my experience at QUT have been making new friends and studying what I’m really interested in. I really enjoy the practical classes that we have and learning the skills that we need to save a life. I also enjoy learning about human anatomy and physiology and understanding what is actually going on in the body.

I received the QAS Jamie Jackway Paramedic Scholarship. This scholarship helps me out every semester or 3 years with $5000 at the beginning of each semester. This helps me with my work-study balance and with the price of uniforms, travel and accommodation.

My advice for someone considering studying at QUT would be, do it! Why wait to apply? There are so many scholarships to help with the transition from school or work to uni. As well as social sport and communities that are there for you to make new friends.

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Rhys Daley

Student, Bachelor of Paramedic Science

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